Mrs. Austin's Newsletter

I hope your daughter is excited our field trip this Monday, please make sure appropriate athletic clothes/shoes are worn. Next week, we will start division but the timed multiplication facts quiz is ongoing so keep practicing for improvement!

We have been leaving about Reconstrution in social studies and this week we focused on changes in farming such as sharecropping. The picture above show the 5th graders running laps to earn "money" from the landowners. The students (sharecroppers) completed their running work for very little pay which led to a class discussion these changes in farming. everyone was exhausted from running but gained a better understanding of what it would be like to a sharecropper working on a plantation.

Important Dates

Monday, September 24th- Rock Climbing at Winthrop University

Monday, September 24th- Cell Project Due

Thursday, September 27th- Reconstruction Social Studies Test

Tuesday, October 2nd- Picture Day

Tuesday, October 18th- Kayaking Field trip

India Hook Elementary School P and NY Grading

Students are routinely assessed for learning after being taught. When a student receives a P (or 3,4) it means that are proficient in that skill. When a student receives an NY (or 1,2) it means that they have "not yet" mastered the skill.

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