Mrs. Birkland's Kindergarten Class

Room 108

Take a look at what we have been doing for the week of Apr. 4-8

Word Families

This week we continued our study of word families.This week we met the –ap family like in MAP. We also met the –at family like in CAT. When we meet these new families, we figure out what words fit in those families. We go through all the letter sounds and decided which words are real words and which ones are “Dr. Seuss words” (made up). We made little flip books, read charts with the words, make lists, and read many words in that family. Remember- as you see the charts coming home, please take time to have your child practice reading them to you. Some might be easier than others. Don’t hesitate to have them read it to you 2 or 3 times to work on their fluency...the “flow” of their reading. We are working on not reading like robots but learning to read like readers.

Letters and the Sounds We have studied

Ss , Nn, Tt, Mm, Aa, Rr, Ii, Ff, Hh, Uu, Dd, Cc, Kk, Oo, Bb, Yy, Pp, Gg, Ll, Ww, Ee, Vv, Xx, Jj, Zz Qq, Long Aa, Long E, Long I, Long O, Long U

Special Sounds

th(2), sh, ch/_tch, oi, oy, ar, or, er/ir/ur, oo (2), au/aw, ou/ow

Sight Words We have practiced-PLEASE PRACTICE AT HOME!!!

Quarter 1 Words: I, see, the, you, me, my, can, a, in, is, and, we, an, on, am, yes, no, if, said

Quarter 2 Words: are, as, like, by, he, she, will, go, all, it, of, to, up, do, at, look, had, was, so, have, for

Quarter 3: not, but, be, what, her, did

Parts of a Plants and their jobs

After our awesome field trip last week, we were ready to dive into our study of plants and their parts. We used resources like Pebble-Go, an on-line informational website for kids, as well as books to learn more about the functions of each part of the plant. We started at the roots, and worked our way up. Ask your child to tell you the different functions of the roots, stem, leaves, flower, and seeds.

The most fun was had through hands on learning! On Monday, we dissected lima bean seeds. We had no clue what we would find inside, but made some pretty good predictions. Have you ever looked inside of a seed? We also, pulled up roots, split open stems, touched and smelled leaves in our Schumacher garden, and didn't forget to stop and smell the flowers. :)

We also were super excited to see the seeds grow that we planted during our field trip. We are checking them each day and recording their growth. Some of us are growing bean plants (a dicot), and some of us are growing corn (a monocot). See if they can tell you the different between a dicot and a monocot and what type of plant they are growing.

Observing our Plant Growth

Shape Creations

In Math, we finished up our study of 2D shapes. They are responsible for naming circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and hexagon. There are many other 2D shapes, we know, but these are the ones we studied more in depth. This week we compared them and studied how to form these shapes using different shapes. For example, we can make a rectangle using two thing rectangles, or by putting squares together in a long row. On Friday, we enjoyed making the shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows. Next week we will study 3D shapes!

Fun Flexible Friday

We love Fridays! We enjoy creating our own schedules for the day, and reviewing all the things that we learned during the week. This week we:

  • built shapes with marshmallows and toothpicks
  • finished our pebble go-study flowers
  • made and labeled parts of a flower
    • yellow yarn for roots
    • green paper for leaves and stem
    • cupcake liner for flower
    • seeds for the inside of the flowerinside
  • played shape bump with a friend
  • sorted words into our word family houses
  • and had a spelling test

Check out some of our fun below.

Some of our Flexible Friday Fun!

We got to say the pledge of allegiance and sing the schumacher school song on the announcements again!

Big image

Mr. Gabriel couldn't figure out why we were smiling so big!

Big image

Snack and Share

Our snack and share students next week are:






*Please remember that we are a peanut free classroom. Check out the peanut free snack list for acceptable snacks.

Just a Few Reminders

  • Please go through your child's backpack every evening to see their accomplishments and charge their iPad!

Specials Schedule for:






Friday-PE Enrichment

Dates to Remember


14th-PTA Skating Party 6-8 pm

15th-Dad's and Doughnuts 8:30 am in the gym

15th-Shark 5K 6-8:30 pm

20th-Culver's Night 5-8 pm

26th-Kindergarten Art and Music Program 6:00

28th-Take Your Child to Work Day