MGM Academy Newsletter

September 2021

Academy of Business Management

Students in Mrs. Taylor's Multimedia Design class created posters for a community event using Adobe Photoshop. Multimedia design is one of the 3rd level courses available in the Academy of Business Management. Clayton Barnhill created the winning design. Students were able to participate in a designer/client relationship where they had to consider client’s wants, needs and purpose of the design.

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Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

Mrs. Shenesey’s Culinary 1 class is learning the importance of mise en place while baking cookies. Mise en place is French and means to put into place. Students have learned how to gather ingredients, equipment, measuring techniques and safety & sanitation skills.

Academy of IT-Computer Science

Several students from MGM stepped up to participate in the IBM© Summer Skills Build Challenge.
The IBM Summer Skills Build Challenge introduces middle, high school, and new college students to emerging technologies and professional skills through their digital learning platform.
Students took online courses on different topics ranging from Job Readiness skills to Cybersecurity and had the opportunity to earn digital badges if they were successful on the end of course assessments.

Three girls from MGM not only earned digital badges for their learning efforts, but they also earned prizes from IBM© for winning some of the Weekly Challenges.
Pictured below are Alexandria Tillman, Lydia Stroud and Reagan Hood with some of the items they won.

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Academy of Agri-Business

Students that choose the Academy of Agri-Busines have 2 different pathways to follow. Students can choose Agri-Construction or Plant Systems. Both of these programs work closely together. So many great things are happening in the Academy of Agri-Business! Students in the Fundamentals classes are learning the basics of agriscience and helping with transplanting. Students in the Plant Systems classes are preparing for the Fall Plant Sale, maintaining campus landscaping, and preparing to transplant 7,500 plugs. Students in the Ag Construction classes have been working on planter boxes and have been finishing a special project for our tiny Vikings in the Pre-K. Check us out!

Academy of Engineering Science

Students in the 1st level class, Introduction to Engineering Design, have been working on designing and building catapult prototypes. Their challenge is to create a catapult that will have high accuracy and high precision.

Academy of Biomedical Science

Our Signature Academy of Biomedical Science students have been busy learning. Students in the first level Principles of Biomedical Science class have been learning about the DNA molecule structure by building models. They are learning how hydrogen bonds work to hold purine and pyrimidine nitrogen bases together. These students also performed DNA fingerprinting procedures to identify whose blood was found at the scene of a mysterious (fictitious) death.

Students in the 3rd level Medical Interventions class practiced their pipetting skills and learned ELISA assays. This diagnostic assay is used daily in the medical field. Here it was used to identify which patients were positive for the infectious agent and who was patient zero.

Academy of JROTC

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Academy of Sports Medicine

The sophomore class, Foundations of Health Science, has been working in the first aid unit to earn hands on experience. The First Aid Unit gives students some basic training in the sports medicine field that can also be applied in everyday life. The junior class, Human Body Structures and Functions, has been learning diligently about the human skeletal system, and have accomplished a project showcasing the students’ knowledge on the subject. Sports Medicine Fundamentals is the highest level class in the Sports Medicine Academy. This class is a hands-on experience for seniors to have in-field training while working with all of MGM’s sports teams. This time of year, the seniors mostly tend to football, but also work with the volleyball, softball, and basketball teams.

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Academy of Fine Arts-Theatre

MGM Theatre is in its fifth year of growth and devotion to theatre arts in our schools. Its mission is simple; Make Theatre That Matters. Through performance work, students learn the importance of using theatre to empathize, educate, and entertain their community and state.

MGM Theatre competes in local and state theatre competitions, and offers classes in beginning theatre, costume design, tech, and musical theatre; we offer in class and after school shows for students of all skill levels and abilities to audition and work in.

We also have a thriving Thespian Honor Society open to all, in which students can serve as leaders and members, using theatre to serve in leadership areas of their city, as well as meet and compete with other Thespians across the state!

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