Fourth Grade Update

May 2016

Classroom Updates

Thank you so much to all of the families that have or will be sharing about their careers! The students get so much out of these career visits! We have learned about being an electrician, police officer, tech specialists, science teacher, and even different types of nurses. We have more visitors coming, and I will share a photo collage of all of the special visits soon.

We have finished the ELA and Math test from the Wisconsin Forward Exam. Next week, Wednesday and Thursday, we will be taking the Science and Social Studies test.

As the year comes to an end, Edgewood students and staff will celebrate with a nine day countdown. A letter with all of the details will be coming home soon.

Human Growth & Development

Next week Monday your child will come home with a consent form for human growth and development. Please return the form by Wednesday. The unit will be May 17th - 20th. Below is a brief outline of what students will be learning during these four days.

Day #1 – Life Cycle

Day #2& 3 – Personal Body Safety Lesson

We go over the different types of abuse and who to talk to if anything ever happens to you.

Day #4 – Girls and Boys are separate this day and go over adolescent changes.


Reading: We are reading the Big Friendly Giant. We are reviewing many skills as we read this story. Our next read aloud will be Flying Solo. I am also in the process of doing running records with each child.

Writing: We will be learning about figurative language. We will focus a lot on idioms.

Math: We started our Geometry unit. Students are learning how to use a protractor to measure angles and will be classifying shapes based on their attributes

Science: We have learned about magnetism, static electricity, and current electricity.

Social Studies: We continue to learn about the 50 states.

Upcoming Events

May 17th - Box Tops due

May 27th - Red, White, & Blue Day / Book Exchange

May 30th - Memorial Day (no school)

June 2nd - Field Day

June 3rd - Last day of school