Theatre Research 101

Where Do I Begin?

We live in an age that is overflowing with information, and that can often times be overwhelming! How about if we break it down so it is easier to sort through?

  • What kind of information do you want? Facts? Opinions? Research studies? Historical perspectives? Personal reflections?
  • Where would be the best place to look? The library? The internet? Periodicals? Newspapers? Government records?
  • How much information do you need? How many sources must you have?

Types of Sources

The two most common types of information are TRADITIONAL and INTERNET.

TRADITIONAL resources are any items that have been published in print form and are widely available in libraries, bookstores such as books, textbooks, newspapers, popular and scholarly journals, and magazines.

INTERNET resources are published exclusively as digital content and include web pages, PDF documents, ebooks and multimedia. (Sound, video, etc.)

It is good to have a variety of both when gathering information.

Google Docs

One of the biggest mistakes that is made is not keeping track of your research. Go ahead and start a Google Doc with all the websites that you are using. You do not have to note everything, but if you copy and paste the URL from a WEBSITE, you can go back and get the information later. (This does not work with same with databases.)

Finding Sources


User ID: Student ID #

Password: 8-digit birth date


-When you get to the databases, go to "Groups" on the left hand side (see picture below these instructions) and find the group named "Theatre Salem Witch Trials Research". The databases we will be using are Brittanica School, Explora by Ebsco and Gale Student Resources in context.

3. Databases rely on keywords to find information. Do not ask a question--use keywords such as "salem witch trials" or "salem witchcraft" to get better results.

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Search Terms to Try

Try these if you need help!

Salem Witchcraft

Massachusetts Witchcraft

Witchcraft History

Salem Witches

Shortcuts to Citations

Ready to Present? Here's some Ideas!