Real World Parabola Project

McKenna Lines & Brittaney Dudley

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Equation of Parabola

Standard Form: y=x^2 -10x+25

Vertex Form: y=-1/2(x-5)^2 +5

Root Form: y=-1/2(x-10)(x-0)

Location of Parabola

McKenna's Kitchen


1) What is the maximum height of the faucet?

5 inches

2) How far away is the base of the sprout from the maximum height?

5 inches

3) What is the domain of Distance from the Spout to the Faucet?


4) What is the range from the height of the faucet?


5) What is the maximum distance from the Faucet?

10 inches

6) What are the two roots?

r1=0 r2=10