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Language Arts:

Students are continuing to read with depth from the novel Home of the Brave. Students record their responses to the literature and prove their thinking by using text evidence. Reading with an understanding that a written response to the text will follow has increased student comprehension of the text. Students continue to read self-selected texts from the BHE library, and they are building their stamina to read for longer lengths of time. In writing, the students are wrapping up their memoir. Students will receive new spelling words next week. Ms. Clements and Ms. Jenkins are administering the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA).


Mathematicians will be working with divisibility rules and they will begin to solve for quotients that result from a 4 digit dividend and a 2 digit divisor.

Please make sure your child practices their math facts daily. Students must show their thinking on all of their work! They cannot just place the answer down. Homework will be considered as incomplete if their work is not present. Check their planner to see that homework is being done. If you are helping your child with homework and need a little review, check out or you may look at some of the utube videos on the individual topic.


Students will continue to learn about properties of matter. The focus this week will be learning how to determine relative density by comparing which objects sink or float in water. Objects with a density greater than water sink. Objects with a density less than water will float.


Students continue to learn the connections of geography to the behaviors of the people who have explored and lived in North America.


Choir auditions will be held Thursday, September 23 and Friday September 24 during regular fifth grade specials time. Students will be asked to sing a prepared song (of any genre) and do simple vocal exercises. Participation in choir includes an attendance agreement and two performances during this school year.


Parents if you have received an email from Artsonia asking you to accept to see your child's art portfolio please accept so you can see your child's artwork this year.

5th Grade Washington DC Trip Informational Meeting:

Attention 5th graders and 5th grade Parents! There will be an informational meeting regarding the 5th Grade Washington DC trip on Monday, September 19, 2016 at 6:00 pm in the Bunker Hill Library. Information packets about the trip went home with students this week. At the meeting I will go over the details of the trip, how to sign up, and answer any questions. Come find out more about this fun filled trip!

If you have any questions, please email Tammy Holley at