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Welcome Back! August 2021

First Day of School: Wednesday, Aug. 25!

School Hours: 8:55 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. (*early out on Wednesdays)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: 8:55 a.m. to 3:55 p.m.

Kindergarten: Early dismissal at 12:30 p.m. for Aug. 25-27.

All students will meet outside for the first day of classes. More info to follow.

Back to School Night: Monday, Aug. 23!

Bring in your school supplies & meet your teacher!

To minimize crowding we have divided up our time for the evening. Please plan accordingly to fit the needs of your family. Nurse Jenny will be available for medication drop off.

    • 5-5:30 p.m. — A-H

    • 5:30-6 p.m. — I-P

    • 6-6:30 p.m. — Q-Z

Current District Face Mask Update

No Face Masks Required, But Highly Encouraged

Masks are no longer required for any students, staff, or community members who may be on district property, in our buildings, or on school buses. We encourage individuals who have not been vaccinated to please consider wearing a mask. Please review the Return-to-Learn plan found on our district website.

From the Nurse

If your student, without medication, has a fever above 100.4 degrees, has vomiting or diarrhea, or experiences coughing within the past 24 hours, please keep your student home.

School Breakfast & Lunch

School meals will continue to be free for West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) families during the 2021-22 school year due to a nationwide waiver that allows school districts to continue the Summer Food Service Program through June 2022. (A la carte snacks and second meal prices still apply.)

Please note: Even though all meals are free, it is still important to apply for free or reduced meals. Many district funds are determined based on this data. Families that qualify and sign a fee waiver will also receive free or reduced transportation and other school fees such as registration fees and driver education.

School Bus Transportation

Please contact the WDMCS Transportation Department at 515-633-4902 for any questions regarding busing for your student.


The safety of our students is always our highest priority. We ask for your cooperation during pick-ups and drop-offs. Vehicles should never be left unattended while in the drive-through areas. If you need to go in and pick up your child, please park in the parking lot.

South Side Door/Parking Lot: All kindergarten and first grade students, older siblings of

kindergarten and first grade students, and daycare

  • All parents picking up their child in the south parking lot must stay in the car line (alongside the sidewalk and curb.) Please do not leave your vehicles unattended.

  • The entire curbside/sidewalk lane will be utilized, so please continue to move forward in your car as the car line moves forward. No cars should be parked and left unattended in either lane (inner lane or curbside lane.)

  • Students leaving the building at this location will be asked to stand along the west sidewalk next to the grass. Teachers will be located in this area.

  • Students will be dismissed to the vehicle when your child recognizes the vehicle. Teachers will provide assistance in this process. Children should enter each vehicle and exit from the curbside and NOT in the traffic lane.

  • If parents choose to park and walk to the school to meet your child, parking will be allowed at the south end of the parking lot. Parents and children should use the sidewalk for safety purposes.

  • The inner lane of the parking lot will only serve as a means to exit or park. Children will not be allowed to enter or exit any vehicle stopped or parked in this lane.

West Circle Drive Pick-Up Dismissal Guidelines: All second through sixth grade students

  • Please do not leave cars unattended along the curb lane or the outside lane.

  • As cars pick up their child in front of you, please move forward.

  • Once you have picked up your child, please move to the outside moving lane.

  • Students should be reminded to stay on the sidewalk and NOT cross the parking lot in between parked/running cars.

  • Students should enter and exit the car on the curbside of the car.

  • Teachers on duty will guide preschool students into their car from the curb lane.

  • At the main entrance, please obey the stop sign and the teacher on duty as students use the crosswalk.

  • There is no left turn onto 73rd Street out of the parking lot.

Walking To/From School

  • Families and students who walk to/from school should use the crosswalk at the front of the building. This includes families that park on side streets and pick up students at any door location.

We appreciate your support in keeping our students safe!