Summer Learning Opportunities

GCISD 2016

English/Language Arts

This summer, English/Language Arts teachers will find information on local offerings related to the Common Instructional Expectations, SpringBoard, Workshop instruction, and some extra special learning in the "Above and Beyond" conference in July. Additionally, this flyer includes info related to AP Summer Institutes and Region 11 courses that support our department.

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Social Studies

One of the main goals with local offerings in Social Studies this year will be to strengthen the bridge of Humanities that links the disciplines of ELA and SS. In addition to the Humanities collaboration opportunities that are a spotlight of the June offerings, there are many other opportunities both in and out of the district for teachers to sharpen their social studies saw.

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The recent changes in Math TEKS have led to many new learning opportunities (for students AND for teachers). Take some time this summer to become better equipped to meet students' needs and get ahead of the game for the 2016-17 school year.

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Opportunities abound for learning about science this summer. Participate in unique content opportunities and consider joining the conversation on vertical alignment. This is an exciting time to be a part of the science department in GCISD.

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Project Based Learning

Whether you're new to PBL or you're ready to go further, these offerings can help build skills

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Advanced Academics

Meeting the needs of gifted and advanced students requires insight about these unique learners. This summer's opportunities are designed to help prepare staff members to support and continually challenge students with exceptionally advanced educational needs.

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Instructional Technology

Once again, GCISD leads the way in providing incredible technology learning opportunities to teachers. What will you learn this summer that will help you to stay a few steps ahead of your students and help you to find more engaging ways to design instruction? Check out this vastmenu of choices and get ready for the adventure!

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Curriculum and Instruction Department Staff

Dr. John Doughney, Executive Director of Learning

Jodi Cox, Director of World Languages

Jennifer Hylemon, Director of Mathematics

Becky Manning, Director of Advanced Academics

Dr. Suzanne Newell, Director of Humanities

Tony Zahn, Director of Science and Instructional Technology

Janie Stach, Coordinator of Instructional Technology

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