Reading Specialist Winter 2014



This LE was all about TLCPs. We began by sharing some of our favourite children's books. You will find the link to the Google Doc we created below. We spent the rest of the LE learning more about TLCPs and developing plans for use in the classroom.

Children's Books

You shared a number of amazing children's books. Here's the link to the Google Doc.

Using Think Marks (Shared by Dean)

What I usually do with my interactive read aloud is have my students write down two “think marks” that they have on their individual white board while listening to a story.

Some of the “Think Marks” I use:

(heart) My favourite part

* An important part

! An exciting part

? A confusing part

After they have their think marks they use them to write what they were thinking about during the story in their Reader’s Notebook. We have a class anchor chart that we use with sentence starters for writing about each of the different think marks, to help them get started. We have been working on this over the course of the year, and my grade 2s are pretty good at writing their reflections at this point.

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