Save The Ocean

By Tham Nguyen


Overfishing occurs when fish are being caught faster than they can reproduce and replace themselves. We can predict that only a few more decades there will be no more fish for humans this mean soon fish will be extinct. Overfishing does not guarantee that fishing business will be sustained and soon people will be out of work. We can prevent overfishing by having no-fishing zones and only certain days that fishing is allowed so there can be enough time for the fish to breed and reproduce and we can limit the number and size of fish can be caught at a time.

Oil Spills

Oil spills are the effects of human activity in which oil is leaking from ships, shore facilities and vehicle eventually it will be washes into the ocean and as it washes away many plants and grasses absorb the oil, which can damage the plant and make the whole area unsuitable for wildlife habitat. When some of the oil eventually stops floating on the surface of the water and begins to sink in to the marine environment, it can have the same kind of damaging effects on fragile underwater ecosystem, killing many fishs and mammals that are in the global food chain. We can prevent oil spills by improvement in ship transportation and stopping shore drilling.


Eutrophication is a result of marine pollution. It is caused by the release of excess fertilizer into the ocean by streams and rivers. These fertilizer come from farming on land. The most effects on eutrophication is algal blooms. When algal blooms occurs the lake, stream and ocean become covered with algae. It blocks light from entering the water so it stop producing oxygen for the organisms. Eutrophication is a problem that can be solved by decrease in pollution and increase in composting. The organism will able to live a healthier life and it will stay pure and free of algae blooms.

Air pollution

Cars and trucks are one of the leading causes of air pollution. Air pollution can damage trees, animals and even human. Breathing air pollution can make your nose burn which make it difficult to breath. Toxic chemicals released in the air can cause cancer, birth defects, injury to the lungs and as well as brain and nerve damage and can also cause death. Reduce air pollution by using electric vehicle, taking public transportation, walking or riding bike.

Artificial Reefs

Artificial reefs could be toxic as the metals begin to rust and degrade, they can release toxins into the water that were places there during manufacturing process, this toxins could kill as much as sea life there is. Some business use artificial reefs as a reason to dump trash into the ocean. A solution for artificial reef is from recycled ships, train cars, and other man made items that are no longer useful on land so they sink them into the ocean so they can become home for new sea life.