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When you choose a vacation rental, you get an experience and memories that last a lifetime. And we make it sure that you get the Best Deals and a Fixed price promise from the Property managers or owners. Our Best Deal Guarantee will take out the worry of searching out the Best price rental vacation or a dream destination.

Theme Based Events

  • Montenegro: Emerging superstar with wild beauty:

Best for: Activities, adventure, off the beaten track: Nature has been prolific and creative in Montenegro, producing such iconic draws as the bewitching Bay of Kotor and the buzzy beaches along its Riviera. But be sure to pack a pair of hiking boots along with your swimsuit, for Montenegro's beauty is no less intense in the wild and rugged interior. A new – and steadily growing – network of hiking and biking trails and improved infrastructure is making this glorious quilt of nature ever more accessible, while creating new employment for locals.

  • Slovakia: Makeover for cultured corner of Europe:

Best for: Culture, adventure, off the beaten track: Two decades on from the Velvet Revolution, Slovakia has galvanised to form one of the continent's fastest-growing economies, joined the EU and ranks right up there in Google searches for bargain ski packages and stag weekends. Now the tourism industry is keen to distance the nation from being all cheap pistes and piss-ups. The image overhaul has been overdue but it's here, and in time for the inevitable party in 2013.

  • Iceland: Strange land inspires devotion:

Best for: Activities, off the beaten track, value for money: Ask any tourist during your trip to Iceland and you'll quickly see that everyone develops an unconditional love for the little island nation, whether it's for the mind-bending scenery, the platefuls of delicious lamb and fish dishes, or the sincere local hospitality. The currency crash – which effectively devalued the króna by 75% – also helped make a trip much more favourable to the wallet. As the global economy starts to heal, prices are climbing once more. The spoils of Iceland are no longer a secret, but they're still yours for the taking – and in 2013 you'll still be well ahead of the curve.

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