by Fatima Hernandez

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  • This is like a cheap composting bin.

How to Make Compost
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  • worms are also important for composting process.
  • the worms help decompose all of the composting for good soil for plants

Worm Composting

Process of Indoor Composting bin

  • materials:
  1. worm bin
  2. water
  3. worms
  4. food
  • in the 18 gal bin drill 8-121/4 holes in the base
  • 1/2 holes on upper edges (for air)
  • now put in shedings like leaves or wood shedings )
  • then put the worms in side of the bin
  • then you berry the food in
  • after a few days clean the bin by takeing the rich good soil and separating the worms from the soil
  • finally the finish product you can put on the garden

Why should we compost?

  1. its good to prevent erosion
  2. helps soil to moisture
  3. it reduces' some trash that can be recycled
  4. it saves you money from buying soil at local stores
  5. gives nutrients to the plant that help it grow
  6. helps the roots to be healthy
  7. it also attracts earth worms that can help the plants
  8. it also helps protect plants from droughts and freezes
  9. helps reduce weed in plants
  10. and finally helps keep your garden lovely


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  • graph 1

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  • this is a graph of what people do to the trash. when some of the trash can be recycled by composting it or something
  • graph 1 shows what kind of trash is there that gets burned, landfill or recycled

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  • as you can see this is a lot of trash and not a lot of recycling

How is matter recycled in composting

  1. the food scraps and yard clipping are like 20-30 percent of trash that we throw away
  2. some of the food scraps can be recycled into soil
  3. when all those scraps and clipping turn to soil it has been recycled
  4. this is why its recycled instead of it going to a landfill it can be made into soil
  5. so that instead of it being bad for the planet its good for it