Expert of Sports: Basketball

By: Brenton E. Marshall


Many people around the world acknowledge the beauty and fun you could have by playing the sport of basketball. To participate, you will need a specific type of equipment, knowledge about the rules and calls, and to be cautious about the positions that make the team successful.


First of all, equipment is crucial when it comes to any sport you're playing. There are many brands to get your gear from like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Under Armor. Starting with the shoes, the mid-sole should be 80% flat and have a lot of friction. The other pieces of gear are used to prevent injuries such as, ankle wraps, arm and leg sleeves, and headbands.


Now we're on to the rules and calls. In every single sport the rules are what make it fun and fair for everybody. They can be confusing and annoying, but if you argue with the referee, you have to sit on the bench for the rest of the game. Calls also give the other team an advantage at winning such as Turnovers, Goal-tending, and fouls. Turnovers are when the opposing team takes the ball away from your team. Goal-tending happens when someone from the other team shoots and the ball is on its way down, and you prevent he ball from going in to the basket.


What you also need to know, are the positions of the sport. Like Point Guard, Shooting Guard, and Center. There are other positions, but I wanted to get straight to the point. Some of the best players in those positions are Chris Paul (Point Guard), Michael Jordan (Shooting Guard), and Wilt Chamberlain (Center). All positions take time to master, but with practice, you could achieve greatness. Point Guards have to listen to everything the coach says and they call plays. Shooting Guards move without the ball and shoot most of the shots. Centers are inside scorers and more of inner defenders.


To sum up my thoughts, basketball is a very high athletic and strategic sport that accommodates practice and making commitments to keep playing it. It's not meant to be a way to make fun of someone when they loose. It's a chance to have fun, but also to use good sportsmanship when something doesn't go your way. Like I said before, basketball is fun, but needs a lot of preparation and heart that goes a long way