Coco Chanel

I had nearly single-handedly transformed women's fashion

What i do for a living.

I have changed women's fashion from 1920's to this day. i have created over $90 million dollars in clothing before i died on January 10th,1971. I started of creating more comfortable clothing for women to wear in the 1920's, instead of those tight uncomfortable clothes that us women had to wear back then, i created something new and improved.

I then created a perfume named "Chanel No. 5" that became a big hit in 1923 to still this day also. I wanted a new scent for women that is unbelievably good and unknown before. At that time that was know as "women's perfume".

i then came out with more dresser work clothing such as suits. mine was called the classic "Chanel suit" A collarless cardigan with tight sleeves and a braided trim, that matched with a plain but graceful skirt.

I also created "the little black dress" with was revolution in color and style. Vogue called my dress the "ford" of evening wear.

I also created costume jewelry, which was a mix of pearls and gems. I began the fashion trend of wearing pants to social events with wasn't even heard of until me.

Battle against society

As successful as i may seem i did struggle against society. The first thing i had to get over was my past. i had a hard childhood after my mom died in 1894, i was very unwanted and useless to my father. i was then put in an adoption facility and was raised by nuns. They taught me many things and the one thing they taught me was how to sew. if they never taught me that i would have no reason to be here telling you my life stories. i would just have a normal typical life like anyone else, but no. i am here now with an successful life.

The next thing i had to deal with was men. before me, men choose how women dressed.. which of course was tight clothing that showed our bodies off. but those clothes were always were unconformable... at least to me. so when i came out with looser clothes the men disagreed with them. so this long thing went on, and lets just say... i won that argument.

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