A leader with a vision

Get To Know Me

Hello, I am Justinian, a responsible and trustworthy man with a purpose as your emperor.

Areas of Excellence

I have created a very unified and fair set of laws, better known as the Justinian Code. They benefit all citizens, including women and slaves. I am a wonderful architect, hence the fact that I constructed many great buildings in Constantinople and I plan to do more. Lastly, regained much of the land lost during the collapse of the western Roman empire.

How My Accomplishments Impacted Rome

My achievements have led Rome to be a powerful and ravishing empire. If I become emperor, my skills will continue to drive the empire into greatness. I have created equality for people, enhanced architecture in many cities and regained land and power.


I am a Chalcedonian Christian and I believe that our society needs fairness and equality for all. I also think that our military should always be thriving with new war tactics and weapons so citizens have the highest level of protection.

My Vision

My vision for Rome is that every city is built with lavish architecture and security. Secondly, I want everyone to feel welcomed and at peace in their home. Rome will be a magnificent empire that possesses an abundance of power- enemies won't even dare to attack us.
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