Sea Pig 2.0

By: Kasey Conner

What is a Sea Pig?

A Sea Pig is an animal that most of the human population is unaware of. The Sea Pig lives on the bottom of the ocean floor. There the Sea Pig feeds off organic components in the water to survive.
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Sea Pig 2.0

The Sea Pig 2.0 is today's newest technology of helping out the human population. For those unlucky individuals who are faced with a situation of where they face either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree burns; the Sea Pig 2.0 will be your new best friend.

The Sea Pig 2.0 is based off the organism The Sea Pig. The Sea Pig 2.0 is a robot that is specialized with its living organism to help eat the burned flesh off burn victims. This new invention is a quick and painless way to debris an area wounded by a burn. Since there are different types of burns, the 2.0 version is equipped to handle all of these situations.