Introduction to Cinema Studies

English 2711

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About the Course

This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of film analysis -- the concepts and concerns central to the discipline. We will explore how film techniques and social and cultural contexts combine to produce meaning. Readings and screenings will focus on the codes and conventions of film and related issues. The information and concepts you learn can be applied to films viewed not only during the semester, but after it as well. Film clips to be screened and discussed include the remarkably accurate portrayal of high school stereotypes in the opening minutes of The Breakfast Club, the graphic arm amputation scene in 127 Hours, the unwieldy narrative structure of We Need to Talk about Kevin and The Sweet Hereafter, and the explosively violent elevator scene in Drive (to name just a few).

Social Science Majors: This Course is an Option for the Upper Level Humanities Course Requirement

English Majors and Minors: Upper Level English Elective

Course Details

CRN 18740

Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-3:20

Tuttleman 103

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About the Instructor

Gabriel Wettach watches a lot of movies. He is also a professor of English and teaches classes in film and media studies, including fans and fandom on film and celebrity culture.

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