High Page Rank

Using Videos to Get High PageRank Backlinks

With the number of websites increasing every day, webmasters are finding it difficult to maintain their Page Rank status. Other websites are finding it difficult to break through into the top slots for Page Rank. Earlier, webmasters found it easy to influence their Page Rank through good content and keywords. However, others exploited this with the use of keyword stuffing. To respond to this problem, Google came up with other factors to influence the Page Rank of websites.

One of these is the presence of good backlinks. With PR backlink, Google knows that your website is well connected, and therefore, might be a good source of relevant information. This will naturally increase the Page Rank of your website. If your website is linked to another website that is already well established within the Page Ranks, you will find it even easier to get a higher Page Rank.

However, other websites with high Page Ranks are not always willing to let you create backlinks to your website on their sites. They might even charge you a fee for it, forcing you to buy high PR backlinks from them. If you want to avoid this kind of problem, you can choose to build your own network of backlinks through other sites.

How are Videos Useful?

Video sites, such as YouTube tend to be high in Page Rank because they are visited almost daily by most people. If you find videos that are related to your niche, you can use these videos to boost the Page Rank of your website in a manner similar to using blogs for this purpose.

Most videos are open to comments, and do not filter out most of the comments. These sites do not mind self-promotion either, since they stand to lose nothing from it. If you want to use these sites to your advantage, first hunt out for videos that relate to the service that you are providing, or to the topic of your website. Recent videos are preferable, as people will still be commenting on them.

Once you find this video, watch it and make some notes. When you post a comment to the video, make sure that the comment is sensible and provides some good insight into the video. You also want to attract people through your comment, so make sure that your comment is good.

Along with your comment, post a link to your website directing readers towards it. You should sound natural and respond to the video in the comment unless you want your comment to look like regular spam that others tend to avoid.

The link in your comment will act as your high PR backlink from the video site. In addition, it will also direct people towards your site, through a video that relates to your niche. If you play your cards properly, you can successfully harvest videos to increase the Page Rank of your website and achieve good visibility on Google, as well as attract potential clients through the backlink.