NBA Today

by: Michael Mcknight

Do you think somebody knows everything about the NBA well theirs not so lets get some facts

The NBA was formed in 1946.In 1976 the NBA absorbed four teams from the American Basketball Association (ABA), which disbanded that year.The NBA has always been a competitive lead between two rivals the western conference and the eastern conference. each conference has fifteen teams and six divisions.

their are a lot of records like in points, steals, assists, blocks and rebounds.Who has the record in points is wilt chamberlain which is a one hundred points.who the record in assist is Scott Skiles which is thirty assist.Who has the record in rebounds is wilt chamberlain which is fifty five rebounds.who has the record for blocks in a game is Shaquille O'neal and manute bol which is fifteen blocks.

The main goal that every team strives for is to win a championship.The three main teams that have achieved this goal is the Boston Celtics ,the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls. Other teams have only won a total of five or below. The NBA still has a lot of thing s to await for. Like who is gonna be the best. Who is gonna set some records. Also who is gonna win some championships. That's going to be a long time to wait.