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Hawaii: Islands

Hawaii is an Island North of the U.S. and I do believe it's in between Alaska and Canada, ay. Hawaii is very Tropical and has at least more than 2 Resorts. Hawaii has lots of beautiful critters but also dangerous ones. I could probably tell you more because of my moms friend who lives in Hawaii but she hasn't really told us anything.

about Hawaii

For those who live in Hawaii, you are probably lucky that you have possibilities, like warm weather volcanoes for mountain hiking, more island created(by volcano), etc. But also there is a lot of challenges for people there, for example, dangerous animals like the mongoose, or northern elephant seals(these are carnivores).

Oceans and seas

Hawai‘i Island’s waters are overflowing with life. Living Coral can be found in 57 percent of the waters surrounding the island. Where there’s coral, there are fish. Sport fishing is big business. Many anglers come to pursue the 1,000-pound Pacific blue marlin and other large catches of broadbill swordfish, yellow fin tuna, mahi-mahi and sharks.

Travel can also be a daunting adventure because of the vast Ocean. The Ocean separate's this Island from all the other Countries and Continents. Providing yet another challenge, in its importing and exporting business.


There are currently 3 volcanoes in Hawaii. One of the Volcanoes has a name, "Maunaloa". Last time it erupted was in the year 1984, the other land volcano is named "Kilauea" which has been erupting over and over again since 1983. There is one more which is underwater called "Loihi".

3 Ways to Regionalize the Earth!

You can divide the Earth into Regions many different ways, like Time zone, Climate zone, and Population.

Packing List!

If you are going to Hawaii you will want:


-Sun screen



Earth in general:




-Clothes(shoes included)

-Snow gear(for winter)

-Toys(just for fun)

Travel Tips!

Be aware that that Climate will change as you travel and Time zone. Also be aware that They're are dangerous animals in different areas. In Hawaii, they're lots of dangerous animals such as a Mongoose, they can kill Cobras and will stand up to anything, especially anything, that's in it's way
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