Thomas Edison

By Kaitlyn,Araya and Eric

Opening Statement

Thomas Edison created many successful inventions in a invention lab that was located in Menlo Park, New Jersey in 1847. The invention lab was important because it allowed him to safely create inventions and surpass other inventors. Thomas Edison created impactful inventions that are known as the lightbulb,phonograph,motion picture camera etc. These inventions are important because they impact our lives today and we use them everyday and still build on from what he created.

Menlo Park

Menlo Park is a invention lab in New Jersey. The phonograph was Thomas Edison's first invention in Menlo Park. In 1878 Thomas Edison was known as the wizard of Menlo park, since his first successful invention was created there. Menlo park gained a lot of visitors after his successful invention was made. This is imporant to society today because Menlo park is where many impactful inventions were made that we still use today. These inventions made a huge difference in our society today and has changed it forever.
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The lightbulb

The lightbulb was created at Menlo Park in 1879 and was one of Edison's greatest accomplishments that changed the world. Thomas Edison didn't create the first electric light, but he created the first practical electric light bulb that could be manufactured and used in our homes today. Thomas Edison made the lightbulb with carbonized filaments out of cotton that he burned for 2 days straight. Lewis Latimer helped Thomas Edison through this impactful process. The lightbulb is still used today for being able to see at night and work later hours.
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The phonograph

The phonograph was made at Menlo Park in 1877. The phonograph was the first talking machine ever created and it was used to record and produce sound.

If someone speaks into the recording sound box while turning the hand crank, then it records the audio spoken. When someone speaks into the recording box, the recording stylus presses against the tinfoil cover of a rotating cylinder and that's how they used to record audio. Someone could play it back by turning the crank while pressing another stylus against the same tinfoil, then it plays the recording. Phonographs became less popular when CDs were produced in the 1980s. This is important today because it allowed us to build off of it and create better products that are easier to use.

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Motion Picture camera

Thomas Edison made the movie camera at Menlo Park in 1891. He worked extremely hard and helped speed up the process of practical movies. Thomas Edison created the kinetograph in 1889. The kinetograph was a camera that used rolls of coated celluloid film. It viewed photographs that flipped in sequence. It is important today because now we have evolved into better cameras that are more easier to use and move around. If it wasn't for Thomas Edison we would have never started out small to create something bigger and better.
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We believe that these inventions are very impactful in society today and are very useful to our economy today. Without these inventions, we wouldn't be able to do daily activities that we normally do. These inventions are extremely important because before you create something great, you have to start out small and build it up. that's why we believe these inventions are important today.