Daily Instructions

October 16, 2015


  1. Do Now
  2. Remind yourself of your job
  3. Remind yourself of your group
  4. Get in groups
  5. Review section of article read last time
  6. Read article out loud with your group
  7. Complete your job

Part 1

Do Now

  1. Read through the whole Daily Instructions document
  2. Go to Google Drive
  3. Go into your Library folder
  4. Open your Inquiry Journal and review the information you wrote down last time

Part 2

Remind Yourself of Your Job

  1. Look at your Inquiry Journal
  2. You should have written down your job or jobs
  3. We review what all the different jobs do

Part 3

Remind Yourself of Your Group

  1. Look around and try to remember who was in your group last class
  2. We will review groups if you don't remember

Part 4

Review What We Read Last Time

  1. You have already reviewed the notes you took last time
  2. As a class we will briefly review what came up in the first section of the article

Part 5

Read Article Out Loud With Your Group

1. Have a different person in the group read a section out loud

2. At the end of each section you will do your job

4. Ms. Lechan will let you know where each section ends