Ms. Bachhuber's Bulletin

February 19th, 2016

Six Flags Read to Succeed

Students were given a Six Flags Read to Succeed sheet at the beginning of the month. These are due to me by February 26th in order for students to receive a free ticket to Six Flags by filling out the sheet and reading for 6 hours or more. Please take advantage of this awesome program and use your tickets this summer!

Veteran's Museum & Wisconsin State Capitol

This was a very informative and history based field trip for our students. They had an excellent time building on their knowledge of the civil war and deepened their knowledge of Wisconsin's history. See the pictures below of your student in action!


Writer's Workshop:

We started a new persuasive writing project. The students picked a topic that related to them ( Year round schooling, smaller class sizes, standing desks, less screen time, starting school at a different time ) and are trying to convince someone to make this change in school/ at home.

*Ask your child what his/her writing topic is and what are the reasons that back up his/her opinion?

Reader's Workshop:

We have been working hard at backing up our thinking with reasons, details, and evidence! This is found in all persuasive texts we read.

*Ask your student - Why is backing up your thinking in a persuasive text important?

(It helps convince the audience! )

Everyday Math

This week in math we have been working on finding equivalent fractions. We have also worked on adding and subtracting fractions.

Ask your child...

What is 2/6 + 3/6? ( 5/6)

What is 4/8 + 2/8? ( 6/8 )

What is an equivalent fraction to 1/2? (4/8, 6/12, 5/10, etc.)

Read Across America

Our school will be celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday from Monday February 29th- Friday March 4th. See the itinerary below to know how your student should dress for school on the following days.

Monday February 29th - "Cat in the Hat" Day

  • Dress in black and wear a crazy hat.

Tuesday March 1st - "Fox in Socks" Crazy Sock Day

  • Wear your crazy socks today.

Wednesday March 2nd - "The Sleep Book" Jammie Day

  • Wear pajamas and bring a stuffed animal to school.

Thursday March 3rd - "The Lorax" Mustache Day

  • Wear a mustache.

Friday March 4th - Whoville Hair Day

  • Crazy hair day.

Hoard Museum Grandparent Essay

On Wednesday of next week the fourth graders will be listening to a presentation from a member of the Hoard Museum. They will be coming to speak with the students about the Grandparent Essay that fourth graders throughout Fort Atkinson complete.

Purdy fourth graders will be completing this essay IN SCHOOL during our social studies time. The only piece of work students will need to complete outside of school is interviewing their grandparent/relative.

The students will have to interview a grandparent or another close relative for this project. There will be a packet sent home with your student next Wednesday with more information.


I have asked that if students have headphones at home, they bring them in to be used with our Chromebooks. Due to lice being spread at school, it is important that students aren't sharing or using other student's headphones.


Keep up the great work with filling out your 20/20 Reading Calendars and reading every night!

Important Dates to Remember

February 19th - 11:50 Dismissal