Newsletter: SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 - Year 4

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Independent Reading

As we close out the first six weeks of the 2018-2019 school year, we are so encouraged to see so many ACE students diving into literature. We know from research that practicing independent reading at least 20 minutes per day can yield powerful achievement results. By adding 20 minutes of time in our balanced literacy schedules, we ensure 'sacred' time for students to engage with a book regardless of their schedules at home.

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Self assess your first six weeks independent reading practice:

  • My students all know their independent reading level so that they can practice high-success reading.
  • I have reviewed the expectations for reading independently and have them posted clearly in my classroom.
  • All of my students have a text on their reading level.
  • I have tracked stamina on a class chart and my students can now read for at least 20 minutes with 100% engagement.
  • I regularly give students feedback on their reading and take notes.
  • My students are engaged, they are excited for their reading, and we are ready for guided reading groups!

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Need more books for your classroom?

Need more leveled texts for your classroom? Try applying for a Donor's Choose grant to fund more titles in your classroom! Research shows that a well-equipped literacy classrooms should have between 500 and 600 books!

If you’re a K-5th grade literacy teacher, here’s how you can take advantage of this opportunity:

  • Submit a project to DonorsChoose in the fall.
  • Your request should focus on early language and literacy. Be sure to select Literacy as your subject area.
  • Your total project cost should not exceed $700, including taxes and DonorsChoose fees (which means you can request around $550 in materials).
  • Select to have your project online for up to 4 months to receive funding (choose to keep the project up as long as possible)

  • Please keep these tips in mind when writing a project:
  • Write a snazzy title
  • Include a picture of an ideal classroom library book collection that illustrates the classroom need
  • Clear explanation of student need (e.g. % free and reduced lunch) and how requested materials will help students
  • Have someone proofread your project before submitting

2nd Six Weeks IPCs Updated!

Genre Focus: Literary Non fiction

All grade levels will be exploring the genre of literary nonfiction in the second six weeks. Take a look at this tool to understand this exciting genre. Students will enjoy opportunities to read literary nonfiction stories about some of their heroes.

*click the image below to download the document

Istation Update

Below, please find tips and ideas that can help you use Istation to its greatest potential!

Teacher Checklist:

Manager Checklist:

  • New staff members and existing staff members who need a refresher on using Istation can find assistance with detailed instructional videos in the Help Center section on the Istation website.
As students begin to take the initial assessment, be sure to check out your campus’s Assessment Completion Report.
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Register for upcoming PD!

  • September 20th- 3:30-6:30 K-2 Literacy- Istation updates
  • September 20th- 4:00-6:30 4th grade Writing Academy pt 2
  • September 27th- 3:30-6:30 3-8 Literacy- Guided Reading pt 1

*All training will take place at Thomas Edison Middle School

Way to go ACE Literacy Teachers!

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