Do you have what it takes?

Raising a child

When thinking about becoming a parent

To be a successful parent, you need to have both the skills, and the resources that are needed to care for your child and how it compares to the daily life of a teenager.

The reality of having a child

In reality, most teenagers don't fully realize how much it takes to raise a child, especially the money part of it. When comparing a teenagers life to a parents life is much different. Because the parent has to take care of the child and support it by have both the skills and the resources. It takes $38,422 to raise a child for a year but it is only the costs of the basic needs to care for a child. So to teenagers it is really eye opening to how much a child really costs.

Do you make enough money to raise a child?

If you have a minimum wage job the pay won't be enough to raise a child. But with a livable wage job you could make $38,000 full time for 40 hours a week. Which to teenagers seems extensive. But to parents, they have to if they want to support and raise a child.
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