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Mrs. Jefferson & Mrs. Nesbit

March 6, 2014

VIP Folders

Today's VIP Folder should include:

1. CRMS Registration Forms and field trip permission slip - Please return the registration form and permission slip tomorrow.

2. The Cub Reporter

Force & Motion Vehicles

Student Poetry Inspired by the 1920s

“ My Gift" by Dominic

I stand on the stage

Hearing the crowd call my name.

“Louis Armstrong “

Again and again.

They make me feel good about showing them my

great gift.


I put my instrument to my mouth.

I played like never before.


the crowd said while I played.

I see the crowd waving their hands side by side

as I made music.

When it was over I felt wonderful.

Then as I was walking out of the building.


My fans were cheering me on.

They were as loud as a marching band.

"Loudly Suffering" by Emily


Loudly suffering.

Not understanding why

my husband can only vote.


Me and my group of women.

Holding up signs and

posters with are tempers

raging high with anger!

“Why, Why!’’ We yell.

“Why can’t we vote!”


Loudly suffering.

"A Boy Who Loves to Play Jazz" by Aquanis


Jazz is the only thing

I can do.

When my friends come

To get me out I say “ no” because I’m

Playing Jazz.


Jazz is like birds

Singing in the air.


Jazz is like freedom

From getting away of

Dark walls.

When I play Jazz

Birds are at my




"The Bright Stage" (Jazz Time) by Jade

I walked out.

Curtains closed

They opened and the lights glared in my eyes

I started my trumpet

and heard applause

I asked for a volunteer

A boy begging for a pick

I pulled two stools out

And called him up

He just how knew how to play the piano

So him and I did a duet

By the end people were throwing roses

Also begging for more so it was now time for the jazz king

I pulled out my band and my trumpet and we started off

After people arose from their seats

Empty crowd

Even though my show was over

my jazz still lived on

I still had my fans...


"VOTE" by Olivia

I am a woman

A person

like my husband

Why can’t I vote

It is unfair

I clean all day

I cook for my husband

If he can vote why can’t I?

I am person

Like my husband

If he can vote why can’t I

I don’t speak about it

I am as quiet as a mouse

But I think to myself


I run it over in my head

I will vote tomorrow

"My Wish" by Ashawnti

I’m so angry

women don’t have the right to vote

I’m so tired

of the fact that rights are segregated by gender

Oh how I wish we could be treated equally

Life for me ain't been no crystal stair

I’m so frustrated

women don’t have the right to speak up for what they believe in

I’m so mad

that I am always at home being a housewife never getting a chance to explore the world

Oh how I wish we could be treated equally

I wish

to speak up for what I believe in

I wish

to have equal rights as men do

I wish

to have a job and get paid as much as men do

Oh how I wish we could be treated equally

"The Jazz Days" by Zuriyana

I listen to the rhythm of the beat

While I tap dance with my feet

Jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz

Hearing that jazzy song

makes me feel very strong

So I sing along

Jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz

Some people don’t like me

for who I am,

but I listen to the jazz songs

whenever I can

Jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz

I love to hear the jazz beat

after working a hard day in the heat

Jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz
I don’t care about the color

of my skin

because my jazz song

comes from within

Jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz

We Hope You Enjoyed the Students' Creations!