Swathi Dinnae

Developer in Tomkins

On Integrity with Swathi Dinnae

For a hardworking professional like Swathi Dinnae, integrity is more than just a buzz word. The 28-year-old business intelligence software professional knows that integrity is actually a yardstick by which people are measured, and the having of which means worlds for a person’s career, professional, and personal life. In her career as an IBM Cognos developer and natural leader, Swathi Dinnae has opportunities aplenty to think about integrity. Here is what integrity means to Swathi Dinnae:

· Doing the right thing, no matter how difficult. Often in life we are faced with difficult, morally compromising choices. When such choices arrive, according to Swathi Dinnae, how we choose to act divides people of integrity from the rest. Acting with integrity means doing the right thing even if it is also the morally difficult thing, even if it is the hard route, even if it results in personal difficulty. Integrity has a cost, and according to Swathi Dinnae we must be willing to pay that cost if we wish to be viewed as people of integrity.

· Being true to your beliefs and to yourself even when it is difficult or unpopular. A person of integrity does not easily compromise their ideals, says Swathi Dinnae. A person of integrity does not casually change with the prevailing winds or adopt the latest –isms. A person of integrity has a strong core of values that are not easily shaken, that bend but do not break. A person of integrity is not inflexible, but comes from a place of strong self-assuredness and total confidence in their values, says Swathi Dinnae.

Integrity is not always easy to define, but we know it when we see it, according to Swathi Dinnae. She prides herself on being consistently praised for her high morals and her unimpeachable integrity, both in the working world and in her dealings with people in her own personal life.

Three Places I’d Like to Travel: Swathi Dinnae

Swathi Dinnae is an experienced business intelligence software professional with a master’s degree in Computer Engineering and several years of experience in the field. When not busy developing in the IBM Cognos software environment, Swathi Dinnae finds every opportunity she can to travel to new and interesting places. Here are her top three places Swathi Dinnae hopes to visit in the near future:

· Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Swathi Dinnae has visited Florida, Hawaii, and San Diego, which have whetted her appetite for beaches and sunshine. Puerto Vallarta is a major destination for fun in the sun, and Swathi Dinnae has heard nothing but wonderful reviews of the resort town from friends. Having never been to Mexico herself, this would be a great chance to experience a whole new culture as well as get to relax on some of the world’s best beaches.

· St Thomas / USVI. As a lover of beaches Swathi Dinnae longs to see the U.S. Virgin Islands. She has heard particularly great things about St Thomas and its beautiful pristine beaches such as Magen’s Bay.

· Paris, France. Swathi Dinnae is ashamed to admit that she has never been to Europe, and hopes to remedy this as soon as possible. At the top of her list of European destinations is Paris, which Swathi Dinnae has heard is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with history around every turn. Swathi Dinnae is especially eager to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame cathedral, just to name a few of the many sights Paris has to offer. There are many European cities on Swathi Dinnae’s list but Paris far and away trumps them all, and she knows it won’t be long before she sets foot on the banks of the Seine.

Leadership Skills with Swathi Dinnae

Hardworking professional Swathi Dinnae knows what it takes to be a good leader. She is an experienced developer in the business intelligence software field and has been consistently recognized by employers and coworkers as a natural leader with the skills to guide a talented team to a higher level. Since graduating with her master’s degree in computer engineering, Swathi Dinnae has been employed by several technology firms and has worked to carefully hone her leadership skills day in and day out. Here are a few of Swathi Dinnae’s tips for good leadership:

· Lead by example. Too many leaders of today are all bark and no bite, to put it one way. According to Swathi Dinnae, one of the most important traits of a good leader is how you carry yourself around the office and around your subordinates. If you want your employees to work hard, they must see you working hard to achieve the team’s goals too. If you want them to be on time, you cannot stroll into the office five minutes late each day. These may seem like simple things, but according to Swathi Dinnae they go a long way toward influencing how you are perceived as a leader, and in turn how effective your leadership will be.

· Command respect, don’t demand respect. Related to the above, Swathi Dinnae recommends that a leader be the type of person whose comportment commands respect without calling attention to the superior / subordinate nature of the dynamic. In other words, if you have to ask for the respect of your employees, you are sure not to get it, according to Swathi Dinnae. Rather, be the kind of strong, confident person who naturally commands the respect of others.

Following these simple tips will have you well on your way to more effective leadership.

Swathi Dinnae on Her First Hawaiian Vacation

Business intelligence software professional and long time travel enthusiast Swathi Dinnae recently jetted off to sunny Hawaii for a nice relaxing vacation. It was the first time on the islands for the 28-year-old Swathi Dinnae and her husband. They enjoyed all the wonders that Hawaii has to offer and only regretted that the trip ended more quickly than they would have liked.

One of Swathi Dinnae’s favorite things about Hawaii was snorkeling in Hanauma Bay on Oahu. Swathi Dinnae and her husband donned snorkel gear and dived into the bay, which has a vibrant coral reef and plenty of exciting marine life. Swathi Dinnae could hardly believe the sheer numbers of fish in the blue waters. According to Swathi Dinnae, it was like a whole other universe underneath the sea.

Another highlight was the world famous Waikiki Beach. Although it is a tourist destination and often quite crowded, Swathi Dinnae did not let the crowds deter her, and found the place peaceful and beautiful. Swathi Dinnae went for many long walks along the various sandy beaches that make up Waikiki and never got tired of it. The waves, the sand, the surfers off in the distance, all this made Swathi Dinnae feel like she was truly in a tropical paradise.

After a long day of snorkeling and beach activity Swathi Dinnae and her husband would catch a magical sunset on a catamaran cruise. According to Swathi Dinnae there is nothing in the world like being out on the open ocean at sunset in Hawaii.

And of course there were rainbows almost every day. Swathi Dinnae’s first Hawaiian experience was in many ways a tease, as she now knows she will soon have to return to this lush paradise. She did not even get a chance to try surfing this time around.

The Power of a Strong Online Presence with Swathi Dinnae

As a 28-year-old with a master’s in computer engineering under her belt and years of experience in the business intelligence software field, Swathi Dinnae knows a thing or two about having a strong online presence. Not content with simply maintaining a Facebook page ((https://www.facebook.com/swathi.dinnae), Swathi Dinnae also has an active Twitter account, a Pinterest page, a Google Plus account (picasaweb.google.com/swathi.dinnae), a Wordpress blog (http://swathidinnae.wordpress.com/), a Houzz profile (http://www.houzz.com/user/nsandeep10/__public), a Slideshare profile (http://www.slideshare.net/swathi_dinnae), and a bio on IBM’s web site. For Swathi Dinnae, having multiple online accounts is a great way to stay connected and up to date on what’s happening in the constantly changing world of the World Wide Web. Here she shares some of the different ways these sites help her stay in the know:

· Pinterest is great for finding new hobbies, interests, and generally cool things, according to Swathi Dinnae. It is also useful for finding new recipes for the aspiring home chef. With Pinterest you can ‘pin’ something you like to your page so that others who are browsing your page will see it, thereby spreading the word.

· Many people already know what Twitter can do, but Swathi Dinnae likes to use it to stay abreast of what her friends are up to as well as following some notable personages, actors, musicians, and even politicians. Twitter can be a bit overwhelming in terms of the sheer amount of updating, but is also a great way to keep your finger on the pulse, according to Swathi Dinnae.

· Google Plus shares many features with Facebook and some with other sites like Pinterest and Twitter, but it has a clean Google interface and is integrated with Google’s other features like search and Gmail, which makes it one of the most seamless networking sites to use, says Swathi Dinnae.

Swathi Dinnae recognizes the power of a strong online presence. Do you?

Tomkins Welcomes Swathi Dinnae

Tomkins Corporation recently welcomed business intelligence software professional Swathi Dinnae to their development team. Swathi Dinnae comes on board as a developer on the IBM Cognos software tool. With a master’s degree in computer engineering and several years of experience developing in IBM Cognos as well as Oracle Business Intelligence experience and PISQL experience, Swathi Dinnae comes on board with the credentials to get the job done. Swathi Dinnae is a hardworking professional with a reputation for integrity and high morals, as well as a natural leader who has earned the respect of her colleagues wherever she has gone.

Prior to being hired at Tomkins Swathi Dinnae was employed as a PISQL / IBM Cognos developer at Danco, where she worked from 2009 to 2012. While there Swathi Dinnae garnered high praise for her hard work and devotion to the job, her high level of fluency with IBM Cognos and PISQL (Swathi Dinnae is certified in PL/SQL), and her easy professionalism. Her personal motivation and professional drive earned her high marks in all performance reviews, as well as the admiration of her colleagues and coworkers in the field.

In addition to her professional credentials, Swathi Dinnae is an upstanding individual and a genuinely good person. In her free time she enjoys traveling on vacation and volunteering with organizations such as Vandematram Foundation, a nonprofit organization which seeks to help underprivileged youths to get a high school education. Recently Swathi Dinnae and her husband traveled to Hawaii on vacation.

Tomkins is happy to have such a valuable asset as Swathi Dinnae on their payroll.
They look for great things to come from Swathi Dinnae not only in the IBM Cognos development environment, but also the Oracle Business Intelligence environment and in the corporate professional setting as well. Please join Tomkins in welcoming Swathi Dinnae and wishing her a long and prosperous career.

A Passion for Computer Engineering: Swathi Dinnae’s Path

Young professional Swathi Dinnae has already had a successful career by any standard. At 28, she already holds a master’s degree in computer engineering as well as IBM / Cognos certifications for three years running, and SCN certifications for 2 years running. In addition, Swathi Dinnae has been employed as a business intelligence software professional for many years, at firms such as Danco and Tomkins. How has she done it? According to Swathi Dinnae, it all stems from one thing: a passion for computer engineering that has never wavered and never dimmed in all these years.

During her time at Danco from 2009 to 2012, Swathi Dinnae worked as an IBM Cognos / PISQL developer, where she honed her skills in the Cognos and PISQL environments. During this time Swathi Dinnae was recognized by her superiors and coworkers alike as a natural leader with strong team building skills and a knack for managing people and meeting deadlines, as well as a genuine and good person in the professional environment and in her personal relations.

Now at Tomkins, Swathi Dinnae is making the same kinds of impressions all over again. According to Swathi Dinnae, she decided early on that computer engineering was where her passions lay, and the rest fell into place with relative ease. After successfully pursuing her master’s degree in computer engineering, Swathi Dinnae entered the working world fully prepared to make a good impression and eager to do the job she had spent so much time training to do. Doing what she loves for a living makes everything so much easier, says Swathi Dinnae; everything else becomes almost like a bonus when your main pastime is so eminently fulfilling in and of itself.

Swathi Dinnae followed her passion for computer engineering. What’s your passion, and how do you follow it?

Swathi Dinnae’s Most Influential Leaders

Swathi Dinnae is no stranger to good leadership. She has been a working professional in the business intelligence software field for years, and is always being recognized for her natural leadership abilities and passion for leadership. Swathi Dinnae believes that a good leader can truly change things for the better (or for the worse, as the case may be), and aspires to be such a leader for her future employees. Here Swathi Dinnae talks about leaders who have influenced her style.

· Gandhi. He was such a charismatic personality, he could lead without even assuming any sort of leadership role, says Swathi Dinnae. Just by being the dynamic individual he was, he inspired people to change and to be better, and to make the world a better place. What could be more inspiring than that?

· John F. Kennedy. A truly inspiring leader and another charismatic individual; John F. Kennedy may not have been perfect but he was inspiring, says Swathi Dinnae.

· Prathiba Patil. A strong woman and a strong leader, Prathiba Patil has had a big influence on Swathi Dinnae. As the first female President of India, Patil broke the barrier and that alone could be enough to vault her to the top of the list, says Swathi Dinnae. But on top of it all Patil was a good president who led her country with strong leadership and guidance during tough times, with all the hallmarks of a great leader.

Swathi Dinnae could name many more influential leaders, as well. For Swathi Dinnae, the importance and influence of a great leader extends far and wide; it reaches more people than the leader may even realize; and the greatest leaders go on leading by example even after they are gone, says Swathi Dinnae, which is a great privilege and a great inspiration.

Three Goals with Swathi Dinnae

Life is pretty busy for young professional Swathi Dinnae, a 28-year-old business intelligence software developer with a master’s degree in computer engineering. She currently works as a developer in the IBM Cognos environment at Tomkins. When she is not working, Swathi Dinnae enjoys traveling and volunteering to help the underprivileged. Here are just a few things on Swathi Dinnae’s goals list for the near future:

· Become an Oracle Business Intelligence expert. Swathi Dinnae already has several relevant professional certifications, including Cognos, SCN and PISQL, and now she has her sights set on Oracle Business Intelligence. The Oracle business intelligence platform has a lot of different aspects, and Swathi Dinnae knows it will be a challenge to master them all. For Swathi Dinnae, though, it is just another in a line of challenges, many of which she has already knocked down and conquered with enjoyment.

· Grow as a leader. Swathi Dinnae has been recognized consistently for her natural leadership abilities. She is a good problem solver and naturally coalesces a team around a common goal. In the future Swathi Dinnae hopes to take this ability to the next level, possibly in a position where she has a number of employees under her direct supervision and must motivate them to achieve the same goals through task completion.

· Be a good human being. Swathi Dinnae knows it may sound cheesy, but she cares very much about being a good person and doing good for those around her, whether it be by the volunteer work she and her husband do with the nonprofit organization Vandematram Foundation, helping underprivileged children to get a high school education, or personally through simple things like remembering friends’ birthdays and being there for family in need.