Child Soldiers in Africa

A growing concern

Child Soldiers in the DRC

Child soldiers in DRC is a growing concern, children are being taken away from their families and brain washed into believing they are doing what's right for their country. Every one in ten child soldiers in Africa are found in the DRC. They are forced to commit numerous murders and are taught to not feel any remorse. It's truly an awful world for these poor children. Former child soldiers are unable to return to their families due to the fact they may no longer have a family, others may not be welcomed home. Anywhere between 15%-30% of new soldiers are under the age of 18 and may never have freedom again.
On the Frontlines: Child Soldiers in the DRC

Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone

The civil war claimed tens of thousands of lives and left others with nothing. It's affects will always be a part of the Sierra Leone history. Out of 45,000 soldiers in Sierra Leone approximately 17,000 are children anywhere between 6-18 years old. Much like the children in the DRC children were taken from their homes and families, other children not subjected to participate in the war were still well aware of the horrors around them. The Red Cross have dedicated persons who have helped these children and family attempt to get back to normal. Through their rehabilitation therapies they have touched the lives of many trauma filled victims.
Invisible Children: Child Soldiers of Sierra Leone