Preston Brower


  1. Around 5,000 youth in the United States that are under the age of 21 die from alcohol related incidents such as car crashes, homicides, suicides, and alcohol poisoning.

  2. Men are more likely to drink excessively than women and men have a 2x greater chance of being involved in a fatal car crash.

  3. There are roughly 80,000 deaths that are related to alcohol abuse every year, making it the 3rd highest cause of death in the U.S.

  4. In 2012, 75% of students in the united states had consumed alcohol.

  5. Teens who start drinking before age 15 years are 5 times more likely to develop alcohol dependence or abuse later in life than those who begin drinking at or after the legal age of 21.

  6. In 2010, there were approximately 189,000 emergency rooms visits by teens under age 21 for injuries and other conditions linked to alcohol.

  7. The 3 leading causes of death for 15 to 24-year-olds are automobile crashes, homicides and suicides – alcohol is a leading factor in all 3.

  8. Binge drinking can lead to permanent brain damage; coma, then death, and can happen in less than an hour.

  9. Alcoholics are 10 times more likely to develop carcinoma than the general population.

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