Gun Rights

Cody Baker

Facts about open carry.

The point of this presentation is to basically explain the basics on the right to bear arms. Gun rights is our 2nd amendment. It will always be our second amendment. In Ohio a man or women is aloud to carry a rifle on him while going down the road. its very unusual but can happen. You will most likely get stopped and questioned on what you're doing with it and if its loaded, etc. There is certain restrictions on it in ohio and other states, all depending on the state and city. example is you cannot open carry into a class D liquor establishment.

Additional Information

A lot of police fatalities have happened recently because of people using open carry illegally. What people don't know is Law Enforcement is always expecting the worst. Any sudden movements could cause you to get seriously hurt or otherwise dead. And people will say no that's not right, but it is. That's how they're trained tactically, and they are going home to their family no matter what they have to do. If a police officer comes up t you during a traffic stop and you have a firearm you have to tell him/her so. Another fact about carrying a weapon is it is aloud on school property, but they cannot leave the car or come in. Example is if a dad is picking a kid up they can drive onto school property to get them but cannot come towards the school.
Ohio's Concealed Carry Law