Thomas Hobbes

By: Jackeline Mendoza 4th period

Biography information

Born in April 5 1588 and died December 4th 1679

He went to Magdalen Collage, Oxford

Was a cleric merchant, english philosopher,

Known for his political philosophy and writing the leviathan

Beliefs on government

He believed in an absolute monarchy because he belived that all people were bad and can't be trusted.


"It is not wisdom but authority that makes laws" Which I think means that means no matter how smart you are its how smart you are.

"If any two men desire the same thing, which neverthless they can't both enjoy, they become enemies."

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Descartes' is the people that Hobbes did not agree with. He thought that the mind was correct and not using movement and it is what we think not the body.
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This is a picture of Descartes'

Popular work

Hobbes is best known for writing Leviathan in 1640s to defend the monarchist ideas.He also decided to translate the Thucydides history and publish it as well in 1628 because of the reaction of the political problems in England.