Seniors Scholarship Workshop Series

NAACP ACT-SO Awards / NGV (Next Gen Vest Money Mentors

Seniors: Join the Lit Lab Fellows Jamira and Dahmir for these important workshops.

Looking for scholarships, want to better understand your financial award letter offers . Make sure you attend these workshops.

NextGenVest: Award Letters 101 Workshop (room 304)

Wednesday, March 28th, 1-3pm

2000 North 7th Street

Philadelphia, PA

Come and learn: How do I read my award letter? What does subsidized v. unsubsidized mean? Can I appeal my financial aid package? This workshop is Best for Senior during the Spring

NAACP ACT-SO Scholarship Award ( Lit Lab)

Thursday, March 22nd, 3:30pm

2000 North 7th Street

Philadelphia, PA

Ms Peggy Savage who has 18 years experience as a lead Stem , Humanities, dance , art
Math & Science judge for the NAACP ACT SO competitions will provide U School students with the inside information for wining scholarships within 32 categories,


Please contact Mr Reed ( at any time for any reason. Email us directly and not through Smore. Thank you!