We Are The Revolution

When We Stand Together - We Stand in Opportunity!

Carrying Forward Bernie's Future To Believe In

Local Douglas County for Bernie Sanders (DCBS) is effectively transitioning to a political advocacy organization titled We Are the Revolution (WATR). In the interest of building off past successes that DCBS had through the Bernie campaign, WATR (pronounced water) is now mobilizing volunteer efforts for short-term and long-term viability of concerns for local environmental, social, and economic justice.

Isn't that what OurRevolution is all about?

Change can be sweeping as we saw from Bernie's revolutionary 2016 campaign. Sweeping change is also taking shape as people scurry to support either Trump or Hillary. But what of the success of such sweeping change?

"Nature abhors a vacuum." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Effective change is not sustained unless individuals are engaged politically, culturally, socially, and economically. It should be evident by now that our lives will not be shaped in any significant fashion by simply voting on the national stage. It is necessary to cross party lines, engage our enemies directly and indirectly, acknowledge conflict and offer meaningful attention to these matters. This is the hope for progressive advocacy group such as WATR.

Bernie Sanders is cited talking about a third party solution to the political duopoly that we suffer in this country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INuXb3rUImo. This was in 1986! Sanders is nothing if not consistent. While OurRevolution! is supported through ActBlue Democratic donations, WATR does not accept donations from the Democratic Party. We Are The Revolution may include Democrats, anti-Brownback Republicans, those who embrace a populist working class movement, Greens, and Independents. Through teach-ins and political empowerment of disenfranchised individuals and activist groups, we offer a growing pathway to engage a complex network.

Plan of Action

The initial plan of action is four-fold:

  1. We perform outreach to poll local citizens on what their most important municipal issues are and what their positions are on them.
  2. We take the results of that polling combined with internal research and counsel with veteran Lawrence activists to create a small platform / agenda.
  3. We phone bank, canvass, clipboard, host house parties and rallies around that agenda.
  4. We help elect a progressive majority that supports that agenda for November 2017 election.

Building From Success

The Douglas County Coalition for Bernie Sanders held 2 rallies and gained over 300 volunteers over this past election year. These are over 300 activists mobilizing for a progressive agenda. Imagine how many lives each of these wonderful people touch and the potential for expansion. Furthermore, consider the opportunities for recruitment and engagement in a number of key areas:

  • Alliances and partnerships with activist organizations and labor unions
  • Developing mentor relationships
  • Offer teach-ins
  • Social media
  • Fundraising
  • Direct action
  • Civic engagement
  • Networking
  • Leadership
  • Gaining real-world experience
  • Skill-building
  • Relationship-building

There is no shortage of meaningful opportunity. This shouldn't be overwhelming, it should be cathartic. Pick a part, pick a role, and watch it unfold...

Simply complete the form on this newsletter or contact us on our FB site https://www.facebook.com/groups/421319924721622/. We can also be contacted reached at KansasforBernieSanders@gmail.com.

Current Local Events

Topeka Kansas Brand New Congress LiveStream - TONIGHT!

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 7-10pm

118 Southwest 8th Avenue

Topeka, KS

Meet Jesse Brinson For County Commission - Tomorrow Evening

Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 6:30pm

402 North 2nd Street

Lawrence, KS

Douglas County For Jail Alternatives

Thursday, Sep. 22nd, 5:30pm

707 Vermont Street

Lawrence, KS

City of Lawrence Strategic Planning Meeting - Community Welcome!

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 7:30am

Union Depot 402 N. 2nd St., Lawrence, KS

This is the first of a proposed 6 session strategic planning for Lawrence. Key issues will be halting the jail expansion and / or negotiating a far larger portion of this budget for mental health services.

Johnson County State Legislative Candidate Forum

Thursday, Sep. 29th, 6pm

9400 Pflumm Road

Lenexa, KS

Wyandotte County State Legislative Candidate Forum

Saturday, Oct. 1st, 10am

14 South 7th Street

Kansas City, KS

Douglas County State Legislative Candidate Forum

Thursday, Oct. 6th, 6pm

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lawrence 1263 N. 1100 Road - Lawrence, KS

Shawnee County State Legislative Candidate Forum

Tuesday, Oct. 11th, 6pm

1515 Southwest 10th Avenue

Topeka, KS