Nowhere But Here!

Daily Life

Daily life in Constantinople was great. It was more advanced then in the Western Europe area. When the traders would come to town you would hear them talking in many different languages while the main language that people would speak in the city was Greek. Many people from the empire had lived in proverty , but the emperor was generous enough that he had provided people with bread in exchange for their little works that they had did.

Some History of The City

Byzantium had first been reconstructed in the time of Septimius Severus not just as a Roman city, but modelled on Rome itself, on and around seven hills. Later Constantine the Great chose it as his new capital, renaming it Constantinople, and it remained the capital of the eastern part of the Roman empire.

Why Should You Come To This City?

You would really want to move here because Constantinople is the seat of the government in eastern Byzantine. Because of the fall of Rome, Constantinople became the center of the Byzantine empire. It is also known as one of the most important cities in the world.

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The Government and Religeon in Constantinople

Religion and Government is closer together in Constantinople then you think. Both of these are both set in the Byzantine Empire. But instead of them begin separate they are combined into one church.

By: Makayla