Beyond the Kingdoms

By: Chris Colfer

All about Beyond the Kingdoms

Beyond the Kingdoms is a fantasy book that everyone should read. The 2 main characters in this book are the twin grandchildren of the fairy godmother, Alex and Conner. Alex is the magical one with all the fairy powers and the one who makes wiser decisions. Conner is a really creative and humorous writer who mostly leads. Both Alex and Conner live in the fairy tale world with Goldilocks, Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk), and Red (From Little Red Riding Hood.) Alex and Conner's mom lives in the otherworld, or the earth, while their dad passed away a couple years ago. Surprisingly, Alex said the Masked Man, the man that attacked the fairy tale world a couple months ago with a mask on his face, was actually her father. After the Masked Man failed his attack a couple months ago, he went into different worlds like Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz and recruited armies to destroy the fairytale world and create his own world. Alex and Conner are trying to stop The Masked Man by going into these stories with him. My favorite part of this story was when Alex and Conner went into all the other stories like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, etc. because it is cool to see The Tin Woodman and Peter Pan going into stories like Robin Hood. I think Chris Colfer did a very good job with combining all the stories. I recommend this book to anyone that likes twists and lots of action in books. Any age can read this book, but you will truly enjoy the book if you like fantasy. At one point of the story, The Masked Man traps Alex and Conner inside a story and it makes you wonder - will the twins really stop The Masked Man, read the book to find out!


An extraordinary book by the #1 New York Times Bestselling author. This book has 4.7 stars out of 5 in Barnes and Noble. The book was on The New York Times Bestseller list for 5 weeks and was No. 1 for 2 of those 5 weeks. This book has been translated to 16 languages including Russian, Italian, French, Hebrew, Portugese, Greek, and Dutch. Chris Colfer has sold more than 1 million copies of Beyond the Kingdoms.


("There is more in Colfer's magic kingdoms than Disney has dreamt of") -USA Today

("It is hard not to love the book...Colfer gets off many good lines and the nifty ending ties the plot's multiple strands up while leaving room for further fairy tale adventures") - Publishers Weekly


This is the 4th book in the series, so after I read the 3rd book in the series right after it came out, I had to wait another year until the next book came out. The problem with that was that the 3rd book ended with a huge twist, so after I finished the book, I was hungry for more. I finished this book in a few days even though it had more than 400 pages because once you pick this book up, you can't put it down.