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Issue #4

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Classroom News


Another great week in first grade! Hard to believe it's been 22 days already. Some news and highlights from this week are below:

-Amelia was a wonderful first star of the week! I hope she enjoyed her time as much as we enjoyed getting to know her better :) Can't wait for Andy next week!

-Theo has taken Chopstick (the traveling panda) home for the weekend. We can't wait to read about their adventures!

-Here is the link to volunteer in our classroom next week! If you can't come in, consider a donation of some local apples! We will be doing a taste test on Thursday.

-We had a very successful dot day! Lots of dots!

-Reading groups started this week. You will start to see homework coming home consistently next week.

-Next week is the book fair! Our students will not be able to check out library books next week in the morning, which is usually the only time I let them go. We will visit the book fair on Monday, 9/22 from 12:10-12:40. This is generally just to look, but if your child brings money on that day they may purchase at that time. Otherwise, feel free to stop by and help your child choose some books (without guidance, they will often leave with sparkly pencils and diaries!) The Book Fair/Pizza Night is the 25th in the evening, so stop by then as well! Here is the link to volunteer for a shift at the book fair:

-Some of you were wondering about times for the field trips. The trip to camp friendship will be a long one! We plan to leave around 9 and get back around 1:45. The trip to the Paramount we will probably leave about 9:15-9:30 and get back in time for regular lunch.

Phew! That was a lot of news :) Enjoy some photos from this week!

Buddy PE Day!

Typing our Word Study Words!

Reading Groups

Creating our own Crozet Flags

Practicing TouchPoints with a special math tool-Smarties!!

Star of the Week Luncheon!

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Next Week!!

Next week we will visit the book fair, share the books we wrote this week, learn about Crozet, have an apple taste test, start word study groups, and hopefully get used to our reading group schedule!

Upcoming Events

9/22-9/26 Book Fair!

9/24 Practice Tornado Drill

9/25 Book Fair/Pizza Night 5:00-7:30

9/26 Miss Colabrese will not be at school-party in room 1!!!! ;)

9/29 No School for Students

10/1 PTO Meeting; Volunteer Orientation

Design 2015: Under Construction!

For First Grade's Design 2015 project this year, we plan to use our fabulous new teacher, Sarah Miller's connections with Camp Friendship to "adopt" a teensy little pony named Mokie and learn and discover all that goes into caring for, riding, and loving one of these amazing creatures! Sarah has been riding horses her entire life, so we are going to use her knowledge and experience to make this first grade year unforgettable! We will keep you updated on anything and everything Design 2015 as it happens, but we are still in the planning stages at this point! Check back here for updates :)

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