P.S. 212Q Weekly Update

January 7th For week of January 10-14, 2022

Everyone Grows at P.S. 212Q!

Our vision for all learners the principal, the staff, and most importantly our students is continuous growth and improvement.

Stemming from our work with the District 30 NYS Integration Grant which fully aligns with our mission and vision, we are a Habits of Mind School!

We are going to highlight and focus on Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations (see below) for the next few weeks to begin building the soft skills required to be successful in life, school, work, and play.

Week 17

Dear Families,

Thank you for bearing with us this week, it has been quite challenging.

I hope some of you got to play in the snow today!

We appreciate everyone who is sending their child to school each day ready to learn.

I realize the rules are confusing and information is changing daily by the DOE. I will try my best to summarize below:

  • If your child is unwell at all, please keep them home.
  • If your child was in a class that had an exposure, they will be provided with an at-home testing kit on the first day of exposure that we are aware of. Your child should take test #1 that evening and if negative return to school and take test #2 on day five. If your child test's positive, please inform the school. We will report the case and send you the DOE return to school letter. **Exception: If your child tests negative on day #1, but then starts to exhibit symptoms on day 2, 3, 4, etc. you can use the second test in the box to test.
  • Students will only receive (1) test kit per week, if there was a classroom exposure in the class.
  • At this point, all students who test positive are under the 10 day quarantine; whether they are fully vaccinated or not. Day 0 is the date of testing, then you count forward. Students may return on day 11 with no symptoms, they do not require a negative test to return (at this time). **Exception: Students or staff who have recovered from a confirmed case of COVID within the past 90 days do not have to quarantine or test following an exposure unless they show COVID symptoms. Students and staff who tested positive AND had COVID within the past 90 days can enter the building. Note this is only after they have completed their first 10 day full quarantine period.
  • If your child was tested during the in-school testing surveillance program, you should receive the results via email or telephone and inform us only if the result is positive.
  • If your child is a close contact due to a parent or family member being positive, they must quarantine and can test back into school on day 5 with a negative to return on day 8. *See the health screener questions: https://healthscreening.schools.nyc/docs/Health%20Screening%20Questionnaire%2001.03.22_FINAL.pdf **Exception, if your child is fully vaccinated and came into contact with someone outside of school who was positive, they may attend school. Please see the health screener question #3 - Yes, I was exposed outside of school, but I am considered fully vaccinated. The individual may enter the building.
  • All Pre-K classes must quarantine if exposed, they are an exception to the rule. Pre-K students may test on day 5 to return on day 8 with a negative test and no symptoms.
  • Please keep this in mind there is no option for remote instruction, unless the school is closed. For example, a snow day or an operational closure by the DOE.

Events this week:

  1. Monday, January 10th - Vision Screening K and 1. PK/K Tour Ms. Flores. CEC Meeting 6:30 pm register HERE. Middle School application opens (see below).
  2. Tuesday, January 11th -
  3. Wednesday, January 12th - Morning and after school programs for selected students. Brighter Bites. PK/K Tour Ms. Flores.
  4. Thursday, January 13th - Morning and after school programs for selected students.
  5. Friday, January 14th - Cap and Gown photos Grade 5 and picture retakes.

The kindergarten 2022-2023 application is online - deadline is Tuesday, January 18th.

Upcoming events:

  • School is closed Monday, January 17th in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • Friday, January 28th - 8:30 am Brain Power Parent Workshop-Session #1, please join us for an hour of fun! You will practice what your children are doing daily!!


Laura Miniero, Principal

Habits of Mind (HOM)

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BrainPower Activity of the Week: Paint the Fence, Wash the Window

Wear Your Mask!

Please remind your children to continue to wear their masks responsibly while inside the school building. Face coverings should:
  • Fully cover their mouth and nose.
  • Snuggly fit around their ears so there are no gaps.

It is cold and flu season and unfortunately, COVID-19 is still here. There is an uptick in cases all across the city and we have families who are suffering with this systemic illness as you read this.

We have clean and sanitized face masks to provide to all children to wear. Teachers will provide a mask whenever we see a student with a mask that is too loose and students need to comply. This is for the safety of our entire community and it is a Department of Education requirement.

We thank you for your support.

Middle School Application

The middle school application opens the week of January 10th and the deadline to apply is March 10. https://www.myschools.nyc/en/


The SORA App - can be found here: https://soraapp.com/library/nycschools

Families have access to many beautiful books, including multi-cultural books.

Does your child need a Remote Learning Device??

Families: if your child needs a remote Learning device, request one by filling out the link: https://forms.gle/mDpHzanHS9hxfRy4A

**Students can use daily at home to complete homework, access RAZ-Kids (English/Spanish), IXL Mathematics, Google Classroom, SORA reading library, BrainPop, Khan Academy so many resources available!

All students should have a DOE device, we will fill requests based upon available inventory and then request more from the DOE.

You will then receive an appointment to pick up the device.

Need Tech Support?

This form can be use if you are having any issues with DOE assigned iPads or Chromebooks. It can also be use if you need help with a password (IXL, RazKids, BrainPop and Learning.com).


IXL Extra Math Support at home for all students

  1. IXL Website:
    1. Go to www.ixl.com/signin/pstwoonetwo
    2. Enter username (Your teacher provides you with this information)
    3. Enter password (Your teacher provides you with this information)
Student Password Reset

Please click if you need your child's password reset. Thank you

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Please support our PTA

We are asking each family to donate $20.00 or whatever you can afford to support our PTA. Each donation provides meaningful activities for all students and supports teacher initiatives. The PTA accepts donations via PayPal to their email address. Thank you.