5 Free Job Posting Websites in USA

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While there are several opportunities of listing a job over the web, not all of the sources bring candidates at ease. Non-availability of the resources can hurt the hiring process and recruiter’s performance at times.

To make your work easier, below are the top 5 free job posting websites in the United States for your reference. There are some jobs posting websites that charge job seekers a fee for their services. While they may offer great service and be able to connect thousands of people with the job of their dreams, sometimes the services are not cost-effective and, in the current economy, people are trying to be a little more conscientious about how and where they are spending their money.

Resume Bucket:

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Resume Bucket tops the chart for any recruiters in the United States to post their jobs for free. Resume Bucket was founded back in 2005 and is the sister platform of Livecareer

Even though live careers do well with tools to create Free resumes and traffic is good enough to top the 10000 sites in the United States. Resume bucket is left un-focused with the traffic rank of 1,700,000 among the global job search sites.

However the chance of your job getting listed on Livecareer is high upon sponsoring the same.


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Search2hired was Founded in 2015 the platform provides 50 free jobs posting per month for a recruiter and that’s a good number of postings for a recruiter.

Unlike other platforms Search2hired provides the statistics of your job listing like Number of Job Views, Number of Clicks and a simple dashboard to manage your talent within the platform for free.

Looking for something more, you can view the video resumes of the candidates and choose to hire them. Ranking at 65000 in the United States the platform ranks very next to ResumeBucket.


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Ranking very next to Search2hired, Jobspider ranks 2,70,000 globally in traffic rank and hosts 13K jobs at any given time.

The website also hosts a free resume bank for recruiters for free. Job spider also provides the statistics on the number of applications and number of views of your job.


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Ranking at 134000 globally the website lets the recruiters post free jobs and the site also claims to host 140K jobs at any point in time. The number of job listings isn’t limited to, any numbers and the recruiters can post any number of Jobs.

While the sponsoring of a job costs you up to 50$ a month if you wish to bring a lot of traffic to your job application and in a hurry to fill the position.


This new bee on the list ranks way far from others with 50Mil globally and has 30K jobs hosted on the site. While posting the job is for free and you need not do any sponsorship for the number of jobs would be little less.

The number of free listing is limited to the trial period and the website is worth trying to post your job for free. Who wouldn’t post a job for free and enjoy the benefits, if you like it and feel spending another 60-100$ on your bill get the best possible candidate is worth.