By: Shehab Farrag

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Culture:What major holidays do Brazil celebrate? What sports do Brazil play?

Brazil celebrates many holidays. Brazil celebrates New Years. New Years Day is on January first. Many countries celebrate this holiday. Another holiday they celebrate in Brazil is Carnival Tuesday. In 2015 Brazil will celebrate Carnival Tuesday on February 16-17.

Brazil plays many sports. Brazil's most famous sport is Futbol (soccer). Brazil is supremely good at soccer. For example, in this years Fifa World Cup,Brazil got fourth place. Another sport that is famous in Brazil is Volleyball. Brazil is extremely good at Volleyball. For example, in 2006 Brazil made it to the Volleyball World Championships in Japan.

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Geography:What land forms does Brazil have?How do these land forms effect Brazil?

Brazil has many land forms. But the most known one is the Amazon Rain Forest. The Amazon Rain Forest is the biggest rain forest on earth. This effects Brazil because this rain forest gives them much more popularity. Another way it effects Brazil is it takes up a lot of the space in Brazil. To reduce the amount of poverty in Brazil the Brazilian government is starting to cut down some of the Amazon Rain Forest.
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Resources/Economy:What economic challenge is Brazil facing?Why is the government allowing it?

Brazil is currently facing many economic challenges. Their main economic challenge is deforestation. Deforestation means destroying large areas of forest. The government is allowing this for many reasons. One reason is so that Brazil can find more natural resources and sell them. Another reason is so they can make more room for houses. The last reason that I am going to mention is so they can give people jobs. When they clear the forest they have enough room to build more buildings for jobs.
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History:What are two wars/revolts that Brazil fought in?Why did Brazil fight in them?Did Brazil win or not?

Brazil has fought in many wars,but i am only going to name two of them. The first one is the Brazilian war of independence. The reason they fought in this war is for the independence of Portugal. Brazil lost many warriors that day,but they won the war. One revolt is the Cabanagem Revolt. They fought in this revolt to end rebellion. Brazil won this revolt. There were many revolts but in my opinion this was the best.