The Life Of Gandhi

by: Isaiah Wright

You don't know who Gandhi is, wow. Gandhi was a politician who tried to stop violence,he had many follower's who tried to make peace with other countries. While he was trying to do this there we seven assassination attempts. Did he survive all of them?

Gandhi is born

Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869. When he was little he was born into a high class. When he was 13, he got married. There was a lot of violence . He wanted to become politician, so he did.

A Politician Is Born

Gandhi became a politician at the age of 22. He organised the non violence disobedience camp.. They stop the some of the violence , but not all of it. One day Gandhi went to jail for 2 - 6 years. When he got out he went straight back to stop violence.

The 7 Assassanations

One day Gandhi was walking back to his car. When he was a few feet away a big bomb went off in his car, luckily he survived. There were 7 assassination attempts, but his luck ran out on the 7th assassination attempt. On January, 30th 1948, Gandhis luck ran out. Nathuram Godse shot and killed him. He was 72 years old.

Gandhi is celibrated as a great role model

In india Gandhis birthday is celibrated as a holiday. Gandhi never gave up on what he belived in. He won the Noble Peace Prize. Many people wanted to be like him. He was was such a good role model. He wanted to make the world peaceful and end violence, that's why he was such a good role model.
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These were Gandhi's final steps.