3rd Grade Newsletter

October 2nd, 2017

What are we learning about this week?

Language Arts:

The students will continue to discuss the importance of sequencing in both their reading and writing. They will read stories and put the events in order using signaling words such as "first, next and finally". We will also start reading and following procedural texts in class. Our goal will be to complete an independent activity while following sequential steps.

Sequencing Game


The students will be brainstorming ideas for their personal narratives during our reading and writing time this week. As a class, we will read books that model a well written personal narrative to assist them in choosing their own memory to write about.

In addition to the above, we will focus on common and proper nouns this week.​

Math: We have had a blast in math, reviewing old skills and building on them. We have explored addition and subtraction strategies, what an equation is, and the various ways to approach a word problem.

This Monday we will take our first test on the above and we are ready to move to multiplication!

Please read the parent letter for an introduction into this exciting unit.

Unit 2 Letter to the Parents

Multiplication Game

Science: Science: "Our Place in Space"

In this unit students will identify planets in the solar system and construct models to determine patterns and relationships between Earth, Sun and Moon. They will describe the Sun and how it provides energy. Students will build on their understandings of weather patterns by comparing day-to-day weather changes in different locations.

We will take our science assessment this Friday October 6th.

7 Habits: During the month of September we have been talking about Habit 1 which focuses on being proactive. The students know that being proactive is when you do something before being asked to do it.

October 2nd - 31st: Habit 2 - Begin With the End in Mind

I can tell you what it means to begin with the end in mind; I can set a personal and academic goal.


Reading: Read 60 minutes this week and record it in your daily planner!

Spelling Words: they, often, what, their, said, many, over, our, think, also, those, large, together, asked, house, don't

Spelling City - All Units

Math and PACEs:

Because of the math test on Monday we will not be giving math homework. The ONLY homework will be for your child to practice their math facts. Subtraction and addition facts. We will start multiplication on Tuesday.

Practice Math Facts!

***Supply needs: Headphones(earbuds are good), Clorox wipes

Important Dates

Thursday, October 5 8:00am Parent Coffee with the Principal (TEA Accountability Report)

Friday, October 6 8:20am PTA Executive Board

Monday, October 9 Student Holiday/Parent Conferences