home design of the future

GR.9 Academic science

Sustainable Ecosystems

1. how would you create a "green" environment around your home? which plants would you include in your design? why?

I will live in the Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome. I will create a green environment by planting deciduous trees around my house, so that in the summer they will shade The windows from sun to keep the house cool, and in the winter let sun in to warm the house up a bit. the deciduous tree i will plant are maple and oak. Also in my garden I will plant Northern Arrowwood and lady of fern plants.

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2. What plants would you 'farm" in your vegetable garden? Why? What types of pesticides and fertilizers would you use in your garden? Are there any you would avoid? explain.

I will farm velvetleaf blueberries and Wild Red Raspberries in my vegetable garden because i love berries and they are native specie plants. I will not use any pesticides but, i will use my own homemade compost fertilizer soil. I would like to avoid using any chemicals in my garden because i would like to keep my plants organic and healthy

3. what form of transportation would you choose to park in your driveway? why?

I will carpool in a BMW i8 with my next door neighbour Emily Balawejder, we will share a solar powered garage. Since it is an electric car it does not cause pollution and will be charged in a garage that uses solar energy. Therefore it makes it a great way to lower my ecological footprint.

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4. What type of waste management systems would you include in your home design?

In my design I will include recycling and compost bins because they both make sure nothing goes to waste and gets reused

5. which endangered species would your family sponsor at your local zoo? why?

my family will support the Golden Mantella frogs because every animal big or small deserves to be saved, because no one human or animal deserves to suffer and die

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Atoms Elements and componds

1. research 3 chemicals found in your home which can be toxic to humans and pets

three toxic chemicals that are found in my home are bleach, windex, and BPA

2. choose one of the chemicals and identify the elements which make up this chemical. choose one if these elements and draw the Bohr-Rutherford diagram for it.

Liquid bleach in the bottle is a 5.25% sodium hypochlorite solution. and 5.25% of the liquid is the chemical sodium hypochlorite and the rest is mostly water.Some contain sodium hypochlorite or chlorine bleach in concentrations of .7%, 1.8% and 2.4%.

I choose chlorine

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3. which group or chemical family of the periodic table is this element located?

chlorine is found in the Halogens chemical family

4. is you chemical a metal, nonmetal or metalloid?

chlorine is a nonmetal

The characteristics Of Electricity

1. what type of electrical energy source will you use for you home? how sustainable is your choice of energy source for future generations?

The type of electrical energy source I will use for my home is solar powered energy. My choice of energy source is a sustainable choice of energy for future generations because it is powered by the sun which is a continuous renewable course of energy

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2. what types of physical structures make a house more energy efficient? how can you design a home that will reduce wasted energy?

temperature is everything about the house that serves to shield the living space from the outdoors. It includes the wall and roof assemblies, insulation, air/vapor retarders, windows, and weatherstripping. Therefore making sure the house is fully insulated, having no drafty windows or doors, and a new roof can help make sure you are not wasting extra energy to heat or cool the house from non efficient structures.

3. What type of appliances will you choose for your home? Explain why you have chosen these appliances? you may want to choose those that have an EnerGuide label or follow the EnergyStar program.

I will choose all LG EnergyStar appliances. I choose to use these appliances because they have been proven to be one of the most energy efficient companies therefore will be the best choice to maintain a good ecological footprint.

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4. What type of light bulb would you include in your home design? why?

i will include LED light bulbs in my in my home design because it's dramatically more efficient than the vacuum/filament method used in incandescent bulbs, they are around 85 percent more efficient and you can go about 20 years without changing your LED bulbs

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The Study Of The Universe

1. Include at least two different types of technology in your future home that has been developed or researched due to space exploration. Describe how these technologies were invented.

Infrared Ear Thermometers and adjustable smoke detectors are two types of technology that will be found in my future home, that were developed from space exploration.

Diatek Corporation and NASA developed an aural thermometer. It uses infrared astronomy technology to measure the amount of energy emitted by the eardrum, the same way the temperature of stars and planets is measured. This permits quick temperature measurement of newborn or incapacitated patients.

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Teaming up with Honeywell Corporation, NASA invented the first adjustable smoke detector with different sensitivity levels to prevent false alarms. They use a radioactive element called americium-241 to spot smoke or harmful gasses. When clean air particles of oxygen and nitrogen move through smoke detectors, the americium-241 ionizes them, which creates an electrical current. If foreign smoke particles enter the smoke detector, it disrupts that interaction, triggering the alarm.
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