Seaworld: Held Captive

Cassandra Maldonado & Bryan Mendez


In the Documentary Blackfish, Gabriela Cowperthwaite demonstrates SeaWorld's lies and careless actions by the trainers interviews re-enactment and stock footage.

Defining Purpose

The Documentary Blackfish starts with a well experienced trainer has an incident with one of the whales named Tilikum. Further more, SeaWorld's Inhumane actions were brought up and put into cases. During the Documentary SeaWorld hides all the their information and secrets to themselves and lie about everything.

Stock Footage Of The "Killers"

In The Wild Life: In the documentary, Blackfish they show footage of the "Pirates" capturing the whales and separating the young ones from their mothers and hear them cry for them. Gabriela showed this because you can see some of the pirates reactions and realize what they're doing.

Terror: Further more, during the shows you can see the whales not obeying the instructions and being vicious with other whales. They're biting each other and ramming into each other. Its shown because its showing that the whales are irritated and have to get it out one way or another and attacking each other was the way for them.

Bottom Tank: Last but not least, during a show one of the trainers was in the tank with the whale and the whale grabbed a hold of his foot and bit down and took him to the bottom of the tank and back up and back down again about 3 times. The trainer was an experienced scuba diver so he was able to hold his breathe for minutes and knows how to keep calm and time it all. Gabriela mentioned this stock footage because its showing that the whales hold so much anger and are aggravated being held in the tanks almost the same size as them.


Pirate: On the right shows a "Pirate" being interviewed about what they were doing for SeaWorld. "At the time I didn't realize what I was doing until we saw the mothers couple yards away making crying sounds." Gabriela interviewed the pirate so the audience can see that those that were helping also realized what they really doing when it came to the moment.

Trainers: Later on, the ex trainers that would be training with the whales day and night were interviewed and questioned how they felt after they got the whole story. The Trainers were embarrassed and disappointed that they were keeping the whales there and humiliating them. She used this technique to show that it wasn't and isn't right to have animals in cages and take them away from their habitat.

Broken Hearts: In the documentary, they're was an incident where a Spanish experienced trainer was attacked and killed and the family was interviewed. The family was lied to saying her husband was fine when in reality something had happened where as if his chest exploded. They were lied to and never been told the truth from SeaWorld. Gabriela interviewed the victims family to show that they were lied to and the pain they had to deal with.


Taken: In the documentary Blackfish, Gabriela re-enacts the scene when the whales ere being taken by the pirates, she re-enacts the strategy the whales did, the males would go a different direction from the mother and the young's to distract the pirates but the young and the mother were still caught.

Court Case: Later on, one of the SeaWorld executives was brought to court and brought for questioning about the incident with one of their trainers. The executive was blaming the trainer for her own death and she couldn't stand up for herself. Gabriela re-enacted this scene because it's showing that SeaWorld would do anything to protect their reputation and hide the justice.

Rape: Next, they were in court the Lawyer asked the executive asking her "did you not know the whales would act like this" she responded with saying "you're a man and you could be a rapist but me not know that." Gabriela used this re-enactment because its showing that SeaWorld would lie and use excuses to lie.


To come to conclusion this film was emotional and makes you open your mind and see these places differently and how it actually is. It made me feel sorrow because they it was upsetting seeing the young ones being taken from their mothers, hearing the mothers making cry sounds. Overall, It made me angry actually seeing SeaWorld and what they actually do and seeing the reality of it. It looked like s if they didn't care about the trainers deaths and incidents they would lie and use an excuse so they wont ruin their reputation.