Markala Alsina

Interact Club

A Lil Bit About Me.....

    • Alsina.

    • Team Player

    • Goofy

    • Helper

    • Fun

Why I want to be one of the co-presidents of Interact Club?

  • I feel as though i would make a great president and add something new interact club has never had, also i have so many ideas so next year already set up that i can not wait to do! I have a mind of my own, I'm a leader not a follower!
  • I really love nteract club not just for the free food we get sometimes, but because it's doesn't feel like a club for me it feels like an organization.. A group...A family that helps out people all around the community!
  • I'm a very good student, even though I talk a lot I get my work done. This shows you I know when to become serious.
  • Also I feel as if I have enough positive energy and ideas to become president hopefully you think I do too!


05 Dont MIND( Prod. By Kent Jones) by KentJones

I'm very creative and a happy spirit

Any Questions?

Ask me anything!