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March 18, 2020

Bridger's Fresh Food Market

Bridger's Fresh Food Market is confirmed this Friday, March 20 from 3-5pm. We had been cancelled, with the closure of Portland Public Schools, but we have found a way to make it run with Bridger Staff and our SUN Staff.

We will have slightly different procedures than usual, due to the current circumstances and social distancing. The market will take place outdoors at Bridger Elementary School in our parking lot.

Flyer in multiple languages. Please share with anyone who could benefit from fresh produce this week! This event is open to anyone!

Virtual Spirit Day

Let’s stay connected during these interesting times!

We had Rainbow Color Spirit Day on our calendar for this FRIDAY...Let’s do it.

Message us pictures of you dressed up in your grade color and we will post:

email: mschachner@pps.net or text: 971-940-9006

Kinder: purple
1st: blue
2nd: green
3rd: yellow
4th: orange
5th: red
Middle School: White

Message from the Principal

I want to share from the bottom of my heart my gratitude to all of you for staying close to information and being so adaptive as we make technical changes together. This is such an unprecedented experience. As we walk into unknown territory, I’m so thankful to work in a community that is so generous in their collaboration. I say that as a reflection of our high caliber staff and our thoughtful and generous families. We are better together and responding to this distressing situation in the best way possible. THANK YOU!!

As you know, Bridger and Holladay Annex campuses are closed to all staff and students as of Friday night. Our next Bridger community newsletter will be March 31, 2020. If you have questions or need to reach out for any reason, the best way to contact our staff is through email. While our office is closed, feel free to email me directly: mschachner@pps.net

The following link is our district's Coronavirus website that is being updated daily:


Need to borrow a computer for your PPS student? Fill out this form!

As the coronavirus situation continues to develop, we are looking at a number of ways to deliver the best possible experiences for students during the extended break, and we want to make sure all of our students can remain connected to their peers, teachers, and schools and have regular access to learning opportunities and curriculum materials.

To ensure access for all PPS students, we have created the form below for you to fill out if your student or students need to borrow a mobile device from PPS. Please complete this form for each student that would need a device (for example, a computer or tablet).

PPS Student Computer Request Form


Podcasts such as The Story Seeds, and others recommended by Common Sense Media, are a great way to add to your routine while the kids are out of school. Consider keeping a family journal about this very interesting and unprecedented time. What is happening in Portland? In the US? In the World? In your house? What are your thoughts?

Multnomah County Libraries are closed, but you can still download e-books, audio books,digital magazines and movies for free. You can start learning a new language on Mango.

Free access to Spanish books and games while we are closed and enclosed for the time being.

The Spanish Experiment has fun stories in Spanish for younger students.

StorylineOnline features actors reading popular childrens books.

Older students, 5th-8th, may want to read two sci fi stories about schools in the future, one on Venus. Ray Bradbury’s All Summer in a Day and Isaac Asimov’s The Fun They Had are short and highly engaging. Compare and contrast your own school experience with the characters in these stories. Then watch the short videos on YouTube. Adults will enjoy this too!

Big picture
How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

Keeping your own anxiety in check is key.


A short book to support and reassure our children, under the age of 7, regarding the COVID-19


Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month who have been honored for demonstrating Resilience. We will celebrate these students during our next SOM Assemblies when we return to school from our extended break.

Please check the school website and calendar for all upcoming Student of the Month Assemblies.

The character trait for the month of April is Integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. It means being honest and present, and staying true to your beliefs.

Here are some great video links that demonstrate integrity that you can view with your learner:

K-1: Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie

K-3: Build Character, Build Success: INTEGRITY

3-5: We act with integrity

3-8: Teaching Children Integrity

Check out this article for ideas on how to teach integrity to your learner.

The Math Angle

Open Middle has great open ended math challenges for prek-12. The whole family can think through these problems together.

Khan Academy also offers video lessons on a variety of math concepts.

Consider following a recipe together to practice measurements while your kids are out of school. Choose a country on the map, make the flag, then cook a recipe that hails from there.


The 7-mins-workout includes fitness related activities that allow students, their families and staff to be physically active at home. Please feel free to reach Coach Chen at ychen1@pps.net, if anyone has questions.

Mindfulness Practice

During this extended time away from school we encourage families to support their learners with their mindfulness practice. Check out this link for many resources and ideas to bring mindfulness practices to your home.

There are also many easy to use apps that guide students and their families through meditation and breathing exercises.

More Great Resources!

Teaching Remotely for Grades K - 12 | Free Resources and Strategies Scholastic is offering one option for meeting your child’s rate of learning by offering Learn At Home for kids to learn, read and think about nonfiction stories and videos, a different one each day.

TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing Ted Talks for students allows kids to explore issues and topics at a deeper level. Videos also include extension material. These can be great discussion prompts.

Safety w/AP Roletto


In March, we practiced our lockdown drill.

We had two groups outside and middle school at the end of a class transition. We do this with intention as we want students to practice the main thing we emphasize with drills: Listen and follow adult directions. As a whole, our students do a great job. No matter what the drill, reminding your students to practice each drill with intention is a great way to support the work with kids.

Student Council

The Bridger Student Council this month has been busy! We just ran a Student/Staff basketball game which was enjoyed by all. We have put in proposals to have a Staff/Student Volleyball game and a futsol game as well. We just finished our Clean Bathroom campaign to help encourage our students to keep our bathroom cleans. We created a banner and had all the students sign to thank our Custodians for all the hard work they do. We are getting ready for our next spirit day on March 20th. It is Rainbow Day. We are looking forward to participating in the 82nd Avenue Parade of Roses soon.


Thanks to Melissa we now have wildcats for the zero waste lunches that say Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and they are green! The kids are really excited to show how they have reduced single use waste in their lunches. We talk about buying in bulk and then transfering the food to a reusable container in their lunch boxes. Even juices or yogurt can be put into a reusable container instead of buying it in plastic that can not be recycled.

“If you look at plastics, the picture is even bleaker. Of the 8.3bn tonnes of virgin plastic produced worldwide, only 9% has been recycled, according to a 2017 Science Advances paper entitled Production, Use And Fate Of All Plastics Ever Made.”

We are encouraging students that eat hot lunch to pick items not wrapped in plastic or come with waste. The milk carton recycling is going well. We even have fourth graders that are volunteering to help. They will be ready for fifth grade! With the recycling of the food scraps and milk cartons we have reduced the waste in our cafeteria by 100 pounds a day. Go Team!

Bridger Scholars Program Shares Academic and Behavioral Success

Grandparents & Special Friends Day Performance

Bridger Music


Help our Portland Public Schools respond to the needs of students, families, and school communities during this unprecedented school closure. While public dollars are currently covering the cost of maintaining basic nutrition services at a number of school sites, we know that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt more broadly across our school communities. Please consider making a donation at: https://fundforpps.org/cv19relief