Seventh Grade Newsletter

November 16, 2014

Dear Parents,

While our maintenance crew does a wonderful job, we have a very large building to heat. We recommend that you send your child with a sweater or sweatshirt to keep on hand in case of chilly classrooms.


We have really been enjoying creating blog posts about the books we are reading. Students have been discovering all kinds of information related to their books and authors. We will wrap up this project early in the week and then begin writing "pep talks" based on a model we will read in class.

Students can access the weekly vocabulary list on Quizlet or get a paper copy from Mrs. Garver. This week we will be studying list 5.

Mrs. Garver's Website

Information for seventh and eighth grade students and their parents.

Social Studies

We were fortunate to have a guest speaker from the United States Navy on Thursday in honor of Veteran's Day last week. Please remember to check Edmodo for the weekly homework assignments.


This week, students will continue to work with solving equations. First, they will start with multistep equations, followed by distributing fractions in equations, and then they will finish the week with translating between words and fractions. There will be a formative assessment towards the end of the week.


This week in math begins with our Unit 2 summative assessment. Students will then work on understanding the pythagorean theorem. This will be the main focus during this week. At the end of the week, we will have a formative assessment on the pythagorean theorem.


This letter has been emailed to about 200 people in the area so I hope we are able to reach our goal of 100 wreaths by Monday. If you know of anyone that may be willing to support our band, please ask them to help us! Orders need to be in on Monday with Tuesday being the absolute latest day!

The Rayder Bands are offering beautiful wreaths for the Holiday Season. Monday is the close out day for the orders. If you know a band student and want to order a wreath, they have the order forms. Wreaths are being assembled at the new Ace Hdw, Garden Center by Mary Novotny. Mary has been doing this for 20 + years and her work is beautiful! Thanks for your consideration and helping our band program!

Gary Stutzman, Director of Bands
Charlevoix Middle/High School
5200 Marion Center Rd.
Charlevoix, MI 49720
phone: (231) 547-8188
fax: (231) 547-3245
cell: (231) 675-4800

Rayder Renaissance

As part of the Rayder Renaissance program, the seventh and eighth graders will be attending the movie Big Hero on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 25. The cost of this event is $7 and includes the movie, pop, and popcorn. Scholarships are available for families in need of assistance.

Click here for a link to the permission slip.


Monday: Basketball at Kalkaska

Wednesday: Basketball at Harbor Springs

Thank you!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.