Martin Luther King

His Life of Bravery and Courage

I Have a Dream

Martin Luther King is a well known man around the world for an amazing speech saying : I have a dream. His dream was to see the nation change and come to realise that black people deserved better and that we should all be equals. When Martin was growing up he experienced racism alot and back then racism daily was just normal. Also people made a big deal of how black people should be different from white. For example they couldnt sit at the front of the bus or eat in the same room. 1000's of people tried to protest against this with no violence at all and got arrested just for doing that. He was arrested too. Sadly in August 1968 Martin got shot for protesting for his rights that he truly deserved. To this day people remember what a brave man he was and some wish he was still here to see how we have improved and grown as a nation.