Welcome to the science and study of essential oils

Welcome to DoTerra

Welcome to having choice around your health and wellness, welcome to being empowered to care for your family, welcome to a world of scented possibility. Opening an account is a wonderful first step in your journey with your own self care. I am here to aid in whatever way that I can to support you furthering your education with the products, as well as the business side of DoTerra.

Below you will find some wonderful resources to help you get started. I've chosen to share what I have found inspiring, there is a lot of information out there! Let this be a launching pad for your own curiosity.

Loyalty Rewards Program & Ordering

Welcome to your new dôTERRA account. Accessing your back office to place and customize your monthly Loyalty Rewards Orders is both simple and easy. Head over to http://www.mydoterra.com/ where you will put in your member ID, and your password. Once there, click on your cart and fill it up with anything and everything you need to enrich your health and wellness.

The video below is a tutorial on exactly how to set up and manage your LRP monthly order

doTERRA - How to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program aka LRP Order

Education & Inspiration

There are many resources available to delve deeper into how to use the oils and achieve greater success for your goals, be they healing, relaxing, or invigorating your income.

To feel our team culture, and learn about the products from experienced folks please come to our 10am Monday morning team education call. The first 30 mins are product education and the latter 30 are for business training. It's a wonderful way to feel connected while learning!

uberconference.com/ariningraham for computer conferencing

or call in

Dial in number: 503-388-5253
No PIN needed

I have a Facebook group that is available for asking any questions and sharing experiences with the oils. I am happy to add you, it is a "secret" group.


And for business support and education there is a wonderful group curated by my upline Ema. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1545538482348643/

Learn some of the science behind the magic at https://aromaticscience.com/

Gain insight and wisdom using the Modern Essentials book, a comprehensive guide on protocol and science on each oil and blend of dôTERRA. Available at http://www.aromatools.com/

For business education please check out http://www.doterrauniversity.com/ where you can learn the ropes of dôTERRA.

Another wonderful resource is https://mydopro.com/

And of course, I am always here to be of assistance to your growth and education, please contact me with any question you may have. I love hearing from you!

Sierra Wilde

Is a dôTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate with over 6 years experience with essential oils. She has dedicated her life to health and wellness for the last 17 years, teaching yoga, and breath therapy among other wellness studies. Her joy at sharing the wonders of the plant kingdom inspires her dedication to teaching the deeply healing powers of essential oils and building out Elemental Essentials. She lives in Sebastopol with her husband and son and can frequently be found in her garden.