Warren Middle School

Extra curricular activities Augusto Espinosa


The purpose if band is to make you be good or get better at an instrument. Band gives you more of a chance to show your skill. You also get to meet people with the same instrument and make music together. In addition, you can do concerts and if you do beginners band, you try out for symphonic or honors band. On the contrary, band equipment is sometimes very expensive and you sometimes have to learn quick. You also need to practice a lot.


The purpose of robotics is to get better at engineering and building. It helps you to learn about technology and how to use it. Your mind can set and make your own plans. You can make things that others might not think of and you can have fun. However, there is a lot of equipment needed and you need to listen carefully. You also need to know how to structure objects.

Chess Club

The purpose of the chess club is to make you better at chess. You get to know more strategies and let you practice your skills. Of course, you get to learn how to play chess. You also have fun. But it is a big mind game and you have to think ahead. You also have to know what the pieces are.


Spanish lets you learn a new language and you can speak to more people. It can also be a possible job potential. You can talk in a different language even though it is hard to pronounce and the rules are hard.

Student Council

In student council it practices your leadership and the following: making choices, being the boss, and making you feel stronger. But it is hard when you have pre-AP because you get busy. You also have to prep everything like the school-winter dance. meetings are sometimes held at focus time around 1:19.Have fun when you're at Warren.